What time does UPS deliver in my area? (And fix usps package not moving)

You might have heard about UPS as one of the most popular couriers of eCommerce merchants, which delivers about 24 million packages each day to over 220 countries and territories. If you want to learn more about what time does UPS deliver and some more details, continue reading.

What time does UPS deliver?

The first question that every user might ask is what time does UPS deliver? If you are waiting for a UPS package, the answer to this question could be helpful for you. This way, you know when to be home waiting to receive your package. While UPS might deliver your package later than 7:00 PM, it usually delivers packages anytime between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. If you are waiting for a commercial package, you might receive them during business hours or before they close.

what time does ups deliver

On what days of the week do UPS deliver the mail

When does UPS deliver? There is no exact answer to this question, but we know that the common time of UPS ships and deliveries is on Monday through Friday. Also, you can choose a Saturday Delivery sticker because UPS could deliver time-critical mails on Saturday if you mark Saturday delivery on the package.

Will UPS leave package at door?

What will happen if you are waiting for a UPS package to arrive while no one is home to sign for it? The first option is that you have to wait for the UPS delivery person to deliver your package another day. But if you are expecting a package that does not require a signature, the UPS could leave your package at door. In this case, you can leave a note for UPS to leave your package at door in a safe place.

How do you see where your package is?

You might ask what time does UPS deliver in my area? The best way to find it is to use your parcel ID or parcel tracking number to track your package. Go to the UPS website and type the parcel ID or parcel tracking number on the tracking field to read your package’s status and delivery date. Also, you can join the UPS My Choice to use more powerful tools and features like a live map called “Follow My Delivery” and see the location of selected packages.

How many packages does UPS deliver in a day?

Now, you know about what time does UPS usually deliver, but there are many other interesting facts about this shipping system. For example, have you ever thought about the delivery volume of this international system? You might wonder that UPS makes an average number of 3.5 million packages and documents internationally in just one day.

What if UPS package is delayed or delayed?

One of the most significant point about UPS packages is that it promises an on-time delivery guarantee for all of their services. So, in case you face a delayed delivery even for a minute, you can ask for a UPS refund based on the UPS money-back guarantee. Totally there are more than 50 service failures eligible for a full refund.

Why is my USPS package not moving?

Have you ever faced a USPS package not moving? Different reasons cause your USPS packages to get stuck in transit, and you see no moving status. The reason could be something like a holiday rush, inclement weather conditions that slow delivery trucks, or a missorted package. But the point is that most of these stuck packages continue moving after some days without any intervention. 

How to fix my USPS package not moving?

If your USPS shipment is actually on the way but not moving and you want to fix the situation, here is what you can do:

  • The first way is to contact the recipient, apologize to them sincerely, and tell them you are trying to find the package.
  • Or you can go to the local post office with your tracking information and ask the staff to help you.
  • If you could not do the previous levels successfully, you can submit a customer service request on UPS.com.



UPS is a popular and famous mail system that works internationally. In the above text, you can read about the details of this shipping system, like the delivery time. Also, we helped you to find the answer to your questions like what time does UPS deliver to my zip code.

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