What is “seller-performance@amazon” and how to contact seller on Amazon?

Today, everybody knows Amazon, and many people daily use this website to sell their products or buy what they need. One important part of the Amazon website is the Amazon seller center. Also, you might have heard the name of Amazon seller performance. If you want to know more about seller performance Amazon, and how to contact seller on Amazon, continue reading. 

What is Amazon Seller Performance?

Generally speaking, Amazon Seller Performance is just a team at Amazon that helps suspended Amazon sellers. This team will email you if an ASIN is temporary or permanently suspended when you are suspended, unfortunately. For example, if a customer had claimed inauthentic on a specific ASIN, they might temporarily suspend the item. Continue reading and learn more about Amazon seller suspension. 

How does Amazon Seller Performance Work?

Imagine the previous example and think that the Seller Performance team emails you that you are suspended because a customer claimed that one of the ASINs is inauthentic. As the Amazon seller performance team wants to help you, you can simply review the listing, confirm that the special ASIN is accurate, and relist the item. It would solve simple problems most of the time if you do so. But if you can not bear an inauthentic claim on your account and want to prove that you bought it from a reputable source, it might be harder because you can only contact them through seller-performance@amazon email. While it is easy to contact Amazon seller support, this process is not easy, and you have to be patient.

How to contact Amazon seller performance?

If you want to contact the Amazon seller performance team, you can only use their email. Just like what you do about emailing Amazon seller customer service, compose an email with an appropriate subject and send it to seller-performance@amazon. Below here, you can learn more about this email.

What is “seller-performance@Amazon”?

As you know Amazon is a marketplace that provides buyers with seller services. So the main goal of the site is customer satisfaction. As a seller, if you do not follow the items that are important for the Seller Performance Measurements, your account would be suspended. Now, you have to contact the Amazon seller performance team via their email and they will help you to solve your problem.

how to contact seller on amazon

How to contact seller on Amazon?

If you do not know how to contact a seller on Amazon, this paragraph is for you. In a case that you previously have placed an order with an Amazon seller, you have to sign in to your Amazon account first. Then click the “Your Account” option and choose “Your Orders.” Next to the order, you have to choose the “Contact Seller” button, and check the radio button beside “An Order I Placed.” Here, you can see a pull-down menu and have to choose one reason among the options. Finally, click to write a message. 

In another case, you might like to contact a seller before making a purchase. Here, you have to visit the seller’s storefront by clicking the seller’s name on a product page. After that, click the “Contact a Seller” link beneath Further Information. Choose the option named “An Item for Sale”, then mention your reason, and write a message to the seller.

Ways to Appeal for Amazon Seller Suspension?

In the previous paragraph, I explained how to contact Amazon seller. But here, I want to show you how to appeal your suspension and get your account back. First, you have to submit a plan of action (POA) in your Amazon seller central account through the appeals portal. Pay attention to writing a clear and concise POA that addresses the root causes of your suspension. Because, based on the experience, the poorly written POAs would succeed with a low chance.


Here is a list of the plan of action recommendations that you can follow to become more successful.

  1.  Investigate all issues that led to your suspension. This step is especially crucial if you have been blocked for multiple violations. 
  2. Start with an introduction that shows you recognized what you did wrong. Then explain how you can solve each problem.
  3. It is important to use a practical and direct tone instead of emotional or accusatory for your appeal.
  4. Try to add bullets and numbers to make long paragraphs shorter.
  5.  In the second and third sections of your POA, mention ASIN examples for each issue.
  6. Remember to keep your appeal short, between 1-and 2 pages.



If you do not know much about Amazon seller customer service, read the above text. There you can read about how to contact seller on Amazon, Amazon seller performance, and other details of Amazon seller support.

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