What Is High-Ticket Drop Shipping?

What Is High-Ticket Drop Shipping?

What would you prefer to do; trade a low price product 100 times each month for a $1000 gain, or sell a more costly stock ten times each month for the equal gain?

If the second choice seems more appealing to you, you should think about making high ticket drop shipping!

What is high-ticket drop shipping?

  1. High ticket drop shipping
  2. How do you get high-ticket drop shipping suppliers?

In this section, you will notice a better opinion of high ticket drop shipping operations. More importantly, you will understand the best way to get high-ticket drop shipping suppliers.

High ticket drop shipping

While High ticket drop shipping is the same as normal drop shipping, there is a big difference in high ticket drop shipping. In high ticket drop shipping, you will sell more valuable products like treadmills, desks, simulator machines, or 3D printers.

In other terms, when you are making high ticket drop shipping, you will be marketing high ticket goods.

The single “problem” is that there is no meaning in cycles of the cost range for a high-ticket good.

Some declare that a stock is a high ticket when it is exchanged for more than $50, while other people maintain high ticket products must become a retail value of at most limited $2000.

How do you get high-ticket drop shipping suppliers?

The means of getting high ticket drop shipping suppliers is apparently a lot various than what you know.

You can find general drop shipping suppliers on Google or one of the various supplier overview files. It is easy to choose any product you want from a supplier’s list and simply upload it to your property utilizing an automatic integration.

Opposite of that, getting high ticket suppliers and goods is not as simple as regular goods.

As high ticket drop shipping is yet much unknown, opposed to regular drop shipping, few companies submit a catalog of high ticket goods with chances to connect those goods with your online shop (Companies like CJdropshipping or Modalyst for routine drop shipping).

But, you should not imagine that it is impossible to find suppliers for high ticket drop shipping products.

Here, I will mention two ways to find them:

  • Apply a “routine” drop shipping supplier that contributes high ticket goods

The first choice is practicing a proper drop shipping supplier that gives high-ticket goods. The first example that you can use in this situation is the Spocket supplier.

Spocket is a program that allows you to connect to regional drop shipping suppliers and simply upload their goods to your online shop if you are applying one of these programs:

  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce

While most sellers work with Spocket for their usual drop shipping stores, you can use it to find high-ticket drop shipping supplies. It does contribute many stocks above $50 from US and EU suppliers:

So, in conjecture, you could assume that Spocket could be a high-ticket drop shipping supplier!

If you are interested in what sort of high ticket goods Spocket suggests, the good news is that nobody knows. You may get any of your charming high ticket drop shipping goods there.

  • Find and communicate companies of high ticket products

The other choice of getting a high ticket drop shipping supplier is more complex but may possibly be more profitable.

The benefit of utilizing a drop shipping program like Spocket is that you make a lot of leisure.

But, the bad point is that Spocket is a middleman. It means you could reduce your prices if you could get your products right from the company.

You need to have a general view of what stock you want to trade before finding a company of a high-ticket drop shipping product.

As you think of a product in your mind, you can start searching the internet for (local) companies of that stock.

To get suppliers, you will have to communicate with different producers by calling or emailing. But ere you begin talking to those companies, you need an online shop working in the same niche previously.

That is because virtually no company will work with a drop shipper that does not own a market yet.


There are two ways to work as a drop shipper. You can work as a regular drop shipper and sell common items. Or become a special one by selling high-ticket products. If you are not sure about high-ticket drop shipping, read the above text and learn more.

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