What is amazon digital and what are its charges?

What is amazon digital

Almost all of us know the great company of Amazon. They are everywhere, and many people believe that it is the most convenient website to order products online. But there are many details about this website and its complicated system. For example, you might face an amazon digital service charge but do not know what it is.

In this article, we will explain Amazon’s digital services in detail.

What is amazon digit

You might hear the name of Amazon Digital Services LLC. And your first question could be what is amazon digital. It is an electronic marketing organization that performs as the most popular part of the Amazon umbrella. As its name implies, you can find almost everything in this company. The available products are furniture, digital products such as music, eBooks, software, music streaming, and a lot more.
what is amazon digital

Also, it is good to know that amazon digital services usually present subscription-based items. And you can pay a monthly or annual fee to use these annual subscriptions as an affordable choice.

Amazon Digital Services Charge

The next question that I want to go through is what is amazon digital charge. As I mentioned before, Amazon digital services is an electronic business firm retailing different items such as publications, software programs, etc. But if you want to know about Amazon Digital Services charges, I have to say that this part is a component of Amazon with an unidentified charge of $0.99 as usual. 

Then, there is a persisting fee of  $2.99 month-to-month for Prime Members. This charge is for the Kindle Spare time registration for one kid. Also, you can pay a $6.99 fee for Kindle FreeTime, which approximately four children can use. There is an Unlimited type that you have to pay $9.99 for this Kindle service. Pay attention that Amazon will offer you a free trial duration. But when it finishes, it automatically goes into a yearly subscription with a $99 fee. Also, you can buy an Amazon Digital Services for $8.75 charge for the Hulu app after the trial duration finishes. 

How to cancel amazon digital services

Amazon Digital Services is an empire technology business around e-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. But if you are no longer interested in using it, read these two ways and learn how to cancel your Amazon Digital Services subscription.

  • First, you can cancel your Amazon Digital Services subscription by phone. If you are among those people who prefer phone calls to do everything, this option is appropriate for you. Follow the below steps and cancel your amazon digital subscription using your phone:
  1. Call 888-280-4331
  2. Ask to cancel your subscription.
  3. State your account details.
  4. Ask for a confirmation number or email to make sure you submitted a cancellation request.
  • The other way is to cancel your Amazon Digital Services subscription using the Amazon website. If you are like many others who like to cancel their subscriptions manually, do like this:
  1. Search Amazon’s website
  2. Choose Your Memberships and Subscriptions
  3. Click on Manage Subscription
  4. At the bottom, choose Advanced Controls and go to the main subscription page to cancel your account.
    what is amazon digital charge

Selling on amazon digital services

If you want to sell on Amazon digital services, it is important to know the related rules of creating digital content and selling your products. Here is what you have to do to make a good sale on Amazon digital services.


  • You have to recognize and update errors like typos, duplicated text, and grammatical mistakes in your book, then upload it to the platform.
  • Be careful about using the correct metadata, so others can find your book in Amazon’s search results.
  • Use a high-quality cover to attract more customers to buy your book. 
  • Make a proper format and offer the best reading experience for your readers. 


  • When you have the right of a picture, upload it as a JPG, PNG, or GIF image file.
  • Upload it in square type and at least 1600 x 1600 pixels in size.
  • At least have a resolution of at least 72 dpi, while 300 dpi is better.
  • Upload images in RGB color mode, even colorful or black and white.

Amazon Merch

  • Try to use your original artwork to avoid copyright or trademark rules.
  • Never upload formats with pornographic exploits children.
  • Use designs away from hate, violence, or human tragedy.
  • Match the spelling in your design with the spelling in your product listing.
    amazon digital services


Amazon is one of the greatest digital markets in today’s world, and many people use it. One of its most popular sections is the amazon digital service. If you do not know what is amazon digital service is, read the above text. There, you can find useful information about this part of Amazon, how to use it for your sales, how much it costs for you, and more.


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