What is Alibaba Drop shipping?

alibaba dropshipping

Alibaba is approaching a huge part of the online B2B and B2C direct market. But you may not know what is Alibaba exactly and how does it work?

Below are the things we are going to cover tin this guide:

  • What is Alibaba drop shipping?
  • Introducing Alibaba 
  • How does Alibaba work?
  • Can I drop ship products on Alibaba?
  • How do I drop ship products on Alibaba?

Here, I will talk about Alibaba and how this platform can be beneficial for drop shippers.

Introducing Alibaba 

About a decade ago, Alibaba was the world’s first B2B platform for general trade, relating Chinese companies and complete suppliers with little to average businesses over the earth.

Alibaba’s story is in supporting suppliers attain a global audience for their goods. It gives buyers, many of whom are running drop shipping businesses, a full range of free agents to help find the goods they want fast and efficiently at bottom costs.

There are three important websites that Alibaba has control over them. They are English language sites alibaba.com, Chinese language sites taobao.com and tmall.com. And each of them has a somewhat various function.

How does Alibaba work?

As a B2B marketplace, things are traded in the majority on Alibaba.com (except purchased as examples). While the site is a marketplace for all traders instead of a private seller, Alibaba does not have the list of the merchandise marketed. Preferably, the site connects buyers and sellers (unlike Amazon, which keeps inventory and stock chain and markets undeviatingly to the consumer along with giving a separate drop shipping set named fulfilled by Amazon’ or ‘FBA.’)

Alibaba earns money by getting a percentage from each sale along with charging support costs to retailers with storefronts on the site. Merchants should not pay for placing their products, though extra selling points and rises are possible for a fee.

Can I drop ship products on Alibaba?

You can use Alibaba as a source of suppliers (normally found in China) who can afford products and meet orders for your drop shipping store.

The site has eliminated many of the barriers to the entrance fronted by drop shippers. It offers wholesale costs and makes no limitations on where or how goods are traded (customers are free to post items on Amazon, eBay, and their e-Commerce sites, both personally and wholesale to different business customers).

How do I drop ship products on Alibaba?

If you recognize your e-commerce niche now, you can use the Alibaba search strip to discover goods before applying filters to limit results. It is likely to tailor your choices to answer specific terms like price, lead time, etc.

Also, you will find that whether the supplier is also the producer of the goods and find the country in which the object is created (you might want to hold suppliers in Japan for electrical goods while natural cotton is greatest sourced from China.

Alibaba checks and examines its suppliers at certification, but this does not imply you do not have to handle due diligence when deciding who to purchase from. Consider the time to study each supplier you are involved in completely to bypass costly and time-consuming mistakes.

Offering investments from global suppliers with whom you may not experience a common word can be hard and even scary at first. Following these simple practices in mind when choosing dropshipping suppliers through Alibaba will support you from making expensive mistakes.

  • As bulk suppliers, Alibaba suggests a bigger refund the more pieces you buy at any one time.
  • Alibaba is not like Amazon. You are unlikely to get a return or replacement if you are unfortunate with the goods you order, so be sure to order an individual item ere putting a bulk order and hold a seller’s credentials wherever feasible.
  • Pricing on Alibaba is variable, along with the least regulations and even shipping prices.
  • Consider long-term. Suppliers on Alibaba are studying for continuing relationships with customers. Try to make them know there is a possibility for a re-order if the cost and property are right.
  • If you are unfortunate with any phase of a business or signal bells sound at any time, you can walk away simply. There are thousands of suppliers to choose from.


Nowadays, no opponent e-store can reach up to meet Alibaba when it gets to drop shipping. In this blog post, I introduced this bulk e-commerce store for drop shipping products. Also, you can see different aspects of that.

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