What Is Walmart Drop shipping?

What Is Walmart Drop shipping?

As e-Marketer claimed, Walmart is the second-largest trade e-Commerce shop, delivering up 6.7% of retail e-Commerce traffic in 2020. It tracks only behind Amazon and leverages its brick-and-mortar shops to linger ahead of other e-Commerce programs like eBay.

Walmart’s marketplace can be especially beneficial for drop shippers.

Drop shipping is a means to business products where the dealer does not have to collect or send any products. Rather, they work with a third-party supplier to fill orders. It is typically much competing, but thankfully, Walmart is a moderately exclusive program, presenting it perfect for drop shipping.

On Walmart.com, agents will have entrance to a huge marketplace that is less competing than programs like Amazon. Also, drop shippers can gain far more customers than if they built an online shop from scratch.

We will meet what Walmart drop shipping is and how you can get begun drop shipping through this individual channel.

What is Walmart drop shipping?

Walmart drop shipping is the method of marketing products by third-party suppliers on the marketplace or drop shipping Walmart goods on other shops.

There are three methods to drop ship managing Walmart:

  1. Drop shippingWalmart goods to other programs like Amazon or eBay
  2. Working with Walmart’s Drop Ship Vendor platform, where a sender ships goods directly to customers
  3. Marketing drop shipped goods on Walmart shop

We will be concentrating on the last kind of drop shipping as a third-party agent.

Third-party business includes placing your products on Walmart below your business name. The retailer keeps the whole manner while also profiting from Walmart’s large consumer support. It is not simple to register for this kind of marketing at Walmart, but it worth it.

Why use Walmart drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a profitable market, but it can be hard to become known with so many opponents. Walmart allows this type of trader the most beneficial of both worlds—a prime e-Commerce marketplace with more than 380 million guests in September 2020 only, but not so full that reaching out is improbable


Walmart is unique to e-Commerce, so it does not have as many contests as programs like Amazon. It has a little extra 88,000 agents at the time, which is minuscule as opposed to Amazon’s 1.6 million.

Besides giving a less congested marketplace, Walmart is beneficial to drop shippers in many other forms.

  • There are no upfront costs and fees. Walmart does not force you anything to establish stocks or enroll to trade on their platform. Just, you have to pay a referral price when you perform a sale.
  • A large variety of products. Walmart awards more than 35 classes that you can trade-in. As long as your stock is not on the Prohibited Products table, you can trade different items on the program.
  • Make great position for retailers to win the Buy Boxon Walmart’s marketplace than on Amazon’s because there is a more limited contestant for the employment.


Notwithstanding its advantages, drop shipping on Walmart is not a complete experience. Some downsides involve:

  • There are long application and registration means. There are some details (like a tax ID and a physical location for your company) you will require to present just to recognize that not all agents will have, as Walmart is careful about seller features. You may need to consider beginning on other programs before joining. It can hold up to two weeks to become approved and three to four weeks to complete onboarding.
  • Strict pricing courses. Because Walmart always needs to give customers cheap feasible products, agents must adhere to some pricing courses.
  • Lower profit margins.Although they may trade more gratefulness to the low costs, traders might notice lower profit borders by retailing on Walmart. It is due to their pricing courses that dictate that Walmart declines listings as understand that there is the same good at the noticeably expensive rate on different marketplace.

Is It Possible to drop ship from Walmart to eBay or Amazon?

The best answer is that you can not do it for sure. As you might know, Walmart can remove your shipments if it understands that you want to dropship from its market. On the other hand, if you get around Walmart, you will find eBay and Amazon forbids. The dropshipping policies explicitly state nobody can buy parts from other marketers and send them straight to their clients. 

How to dropship your products with Walmart?

There are different options to drop ship your products with Walmart: 

  • Use Walmart’s platform to dropship. You can use a dropshipping supplier like Alibaba and sell dropshipped goods to Walmart customers. While you can not drop ship from Walmart, dropshipping on Walmart is fine.
  • Choose to be a Drop Ship Vendor (DSV) or Walmart Supplier. There is a B2B program on Walmart Marketplace that you can use as a supplier and retail products to Walmart. 

 Buy the goods directly and retail them. Based on most marketplace systems, you can not order items to ship right from other retailers. Here, it is possible to have them directly and then send them to your customers.




If you want to use Walmart as a drop shipping platform, it is good to check both advantages and disadvantages. Do not allow these downsides to driving you away from drops hipping on Walmart. Study the downsides of other programs like Amazon or Shopify, where you have to make your customer support from scratch.

Here, in the above text, we analyzed the Walmart platform.

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