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What Are the Sites Like Alibaba?

If you want to start an eCommerce market, the most important part is to find a good supplier. You have to find a co-worker you can depend on to deliver quality products immediately, or your business will hurt.

Most eCommerce merchants prefer to use Alibaba to get suppliers. While this is one of the best sites but it is not the only site you can view. There are many comparison sites out there with too many businesses to pick from them.

In this section, I will introduce the best sites that you can use instead of Alibaba.


The Best Sites like Alibaba


Here are our tops for the best Alibaba options:

  • AliExpress (

You may know that AliExpress is one of the Alibaba branches, known as a B2C (business to consumer) site. Still, many marketers use this marketplace as a reference for their business products.

While the cost of each item is usually more expensive than on Alibaba, the great power with AliExpress is that you should not deal with any minimum order numbers. It implies you can order just a few or even one stock at a point, giving it ideal for new traders who want to buy in a lot of inventory.

  • 1688 (

The next site is 1688 another branch of Alibaba. It gives a wide variety of products, but it focuses on beauty and fashion. If you are marketing in one of these niches, you can check this site as one of the best options.

The one weakness of 1688 is that all the data is in Chinese. It is because their geared customers are Chinese, whereas Alibaba aims at worldwide buyers. Google can change the site for you, but the method will not work well, and you may have trouble reading some of the product information.

  • DHGate

While DHGate is not so comparable to Alibaba, it goes like Alibaba. On the program, there are all sorts of goods from lots of suppliers. The rates are similar, and you can also reach suppliers to contract with them.


  • Supplier Database

Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database is the perfect suitable choice for Alibaba. While the Supplier Database is not the same as the Alibaba site, it is a useful software tool.

You can explore the database for high-quality companies and gain relevant acumens such as consumer volume or approved supplier purchases. You can also arrange quotes and make purchases right through the Supplier Database.

  • biz is one of the best online B2B marketplaces with many suppliers from Europe. The business presents several subdomains for most nations, which performs it easier to drive through the marketplace. You can also pick among much different money.


  • Chinabrands (

Chinabrands is a dropshipping program that combines eCommerce retailers with Chinese suppliers.

The organization also markets general products, but they focus on their dropshipping settings, which enable you to deliver your orders to a supplier who meets your needs. The advantage of this approach is you do not have to purchase and take your list in advance.


  • Global Sources (

Global Sources is another famous online marketplace developed in Hong Kong. Based on the company, they attend 95 of the world’s 100 top marketers.

Remember that Global Sources gear towards more general businesses, so their minimum amount score may be more powerful. Also, not all of their stocks hold pricing, which will make it hard to find things that suit your funds.


  • IndiaMART

One of the biggest marketplaces in India is IndiaMART. As the Indian supplier market converts more appealing, especially as an option to the Asian market, IndiaMarket deserves a glance.

  • TradeIndia

I can recommend TradeIndia as another Alibaba choice from India. Especially companies linked to textile/clothing can use this website. If you need to find your goods from an Indian supplier, I strongly suggest Trying TradeIndia.


  • Taobao (

Taobao is a different marketplace that is controlled and managed by Alibaba. Unlike other sites on this program, it centers on consumer-to-consumer (C2C) deals. Many think Taobao means the Chinese variant of eBay.


This website has a lot of different retailers that you will not discover other marketplaces. But, it is not always the most reliable site to locate products. Because you are trading with fewer retailers it may be hard to buy large amounts, and the per-item costs will usually be higher.


Here, I introduce some amazing websites that you can use instead of Alibaba. Read the above text and choose which one is sufficient for you.









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