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All about Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime

Want to trade on Amazon with that coveted Prime logo on your stock listings? There is an option as Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime, which enables third-party retailers to try two-day Prime shipping without utilizing Amazon’s repositories for satisfaction. Seller-Fulfilled Prime (SFP) can improve small-medium-sized companies to grow their traffic on Amazon, but sellers have to reach Amazon’s rules to be qualified for SFP and control SFP status.

We will include everything you have to know about Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime.

What is Seller-Fulfilled Prime?

Seller-Fulfilled Prime is a plan that enables Amazon merchants to give 2-day Prime shipping to Amazon consumers while meeting buying from their repository or by utilizing a third-party fulfillment center

It is a point different from Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) plans. FBA indicates when Amazon controls the preparation, shipping, and other achievement works for a seller’s Amazon goods from their repositories. By giving this Prime shipping on your listing, you can meet all your bookings with quick, two-day shipping at no additional cost to the client.

Not only is this interesting for Amazon customers and can help make purchases for your goods, but it is also excellent for Amazon, which can improve its Prime offerings without using up more depot place. 

What are the terms for Seller-Fulfilled Prime?

As of September 2020, Amazon is not currently taking new registrants to enter SFP, but if it is a transportation choice you would prefer to give in the prospect, you should try to get your amounts up now.

How it works:

If you want to be eligible for SFP, Amazon agents have to work on a trial term of everywhere from 5 and 90 days. Also, you can achieve the FBM series with all of Amazon’s stringent shipping terms. 

Throughout the trial session, you have to give Premium One-Day to Two-Day delivery opportunities to demonstrate to Amazon that you can reach the fulfillment obligations. They will not display the Prime badge on your listings through the trial session. You have to do the following measures for the minimum 50 Prime trial series:

  • Try Premium shipping choices.
  • Send more than 99% of your purchases on time.
  • Hold a purchase cancellation percentage of less than 0.5%
  • Work with Amazon Buy Shipping Services for the minimum of 99% of purchases(this is when you acquire shipping tags in Seller Central, and they add the following info automatically)
  • Must have a removal percentage of less than 1%
  • Attach tracking ID to higher than 84% of purchases
  • Have a 4.5+ feedback number during a 30-day rolling session.
  • Manage bookings with a zero-day approach time.


As you finish the trial time, Amazon will automatically register you in SFP, and you can see your stock listing on the Prime badge!

To preserve qualification for SFP, you need to reach the same Prime trial review terms consistently. Even if your feedback evaluation or removal rate were to fall under Amazon’s rules for one day, Amazon could eliminate the Prime badge from your listings, and you are no longer acceptable for SFP.

Who can work with Amazon’s Seller-Fulfilled Prime plan?

SFP is excellent for mature Amazon retailers who trade high volumes into FBM. Currently, SFP provides agents to facilitate two-day Prime shipping to particular areas where traders recognize they can reach that consent. But, in June 2021, Amazon needs SFP retailers to give national two-day offering the same as Saturday shipment and pick-ups.

What are the pros and cons of Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime?


  • You can access Amazon’s 150 million Prime members. If you empower the Prime badge on your stock listings, your stocks will have improved discoverability.
  • There are no FBA fees or storage fees. As Amazon’s fee structure depends on weight and dimensions, it is more productive to use SFP than FBA. 
  • It supports your strive for the Buy Box. Getting the Buy Box indicates that when consumers tick on “Add to Cart,” their default choice is to purchase the goods from you.


  • You should reach Amazon’s strict measures to support SFP rank. If you could not fit Amazon’s terms for SFP, then Amazon will eliminate your Prime qualification. 
  • You incorporate the price of collecting and shipping items. Yes, you have to spend the money you saved from FBA fees and Amazon storage fees.
  • Handle returns is your duty. Vice versa using FBA, customer returns will be sent back to you.


If you are new to Amazon trade or do not have your shipping service, you might not know much about the SFP schedule. Here, we explained all details you need to know about Amazon Seller Fulfilment Prime.

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