Salehoo dropshipping (Why you should use it)

If you like to set up a dropshipping or wholesale model for your eCommerce business like Salehoo dropshipping, you might need more information before starting. It is good to know that dropshipping enables you to reach out to suppliers, who fulfill and send those buys right to your consumers. 

As you might know, there are advantages of establishing up your store to work with a dropshipping model. Here, I want to talk about one of the biggest in this field named Salehoo.

How does Salehoo dropshipping start?

Salehoo started its work in 2005 in Christchurch, New Zealand, and became one of the most important wholesale and dropshipping directories. The most popular point is that they are the first company to offer global wholesale contacts to their retailers.

Its Co-Founder Simon Slade was a recent online seller himself. He started Salehoo because he was frustrated that no wholesaler would cater to new businesses.

Today, Salehoo boats more than 8,000 granted wholesale and dropshipping suppliers that contribute over 1.6 million recognizable marked goods. Also, there are about 137,000 paying members who use these opportunities.

What about Salehoo Dropshipping Price?

When you want to access Salehoo, you have to pay a flat price of $67 for a complete year. But there is an advance option that provides lifetime access for $127.

As you can see, Salehoo offers a very competitive price within its market. One of the biggest competitors is Worldwide Brands which has membership costs of $299 with a comprehensive directory of more than 16 million wholesale products.

When you want to choose a dropshipping supplier, think about how long you want to do this. Is it a short-term or long-term project to endow your goals of setting up your store?

Salehoo dropshipping products and Money-back guarantee

Salehoo grants a 60-day money-back guarantee no matter what the issue is. In this case, you have to send an email to during these 60 days with your receipt number, and they will turn your money back. 

You might ask what will I get $67 a year with Salehoo, it is good to say that they have five main products mentioned below:

Dropship Suppliers

Salehoo gives you the selection of over 1,000 granted dropship suppliers. And if you see any drop shipper, you can view the following report:

  • Contact information
  • Product range
  • Quality of products
  • Customer service reports
  • Where they ship to
  • How they ship their goods

Wholesale Suppliers

Also, in Salehoo, you can find more than 8,000 trusted wholesale suppliers. Like the previous option, you can view all the main information quickly. Salehoo offers an extensive range of wholesale suppliers with the best wholesale prices. This option enables you to get a good profit when you trade them. Usually, Salehoo merchants can sell their branded products on their website the same as marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.

Market Research

Salehoo tracks the 1.6 million goods in their catalog. It helps you find a trending niche that is the most profitable for you.

While they have very accurate guestimates, they might vary based on what location you are selling to and the currency.

Sometimes, you want to make sure that how many stores are selling your chosen products, so you can see reports on your saved products:

  • Competition
  • Sell rate
  • How often is this product listed
  • Price
  • Trending

Training & Support

As Salehoo is famous for being one of the best supporting e-commerce entrepreneurs, they must offer well training and support.

Many online talks show Salehoo has excellent customer support. You can use their support option via live chat, telephone, and email. They also contribute quick support if you connect them through their Facebook and Twitter.


Salehoo‘s dashboard is one of the bests as you can access the main three elements; suppliers, products, and training. Also, you can save all your suppliers for the next use, so there is no need to dig out their information when you want to connect them later. 

Salehoo Dropshipping Pros

Customer Service: If you do a quick search for Salehoo customer support, you will find a lot of good messages about it.

Brands: As I mentioned previously, you can find many fantastic brands such as Disney, Lego, Adidas, and Sony.

Suppliers: All suppliers are trusted, and there is no difficulty if you want to find a proper supplier.

Training: Their training area is fantastic, as they spend time understanding their customers and suggesting general guides and videos.

No Hidden Fees: When you pay $67 as a yearly fee, there is no need to pay any hidden fees.

Money-back guarantee: You can try Salehoo for 60 days, and they will return your money with no question when you ask.

Low minimum orders: If you do not have much space or do not want to commit too much financially, this feature of Salehoo is a perfect option for you.

Market research: You can use Salehoo’s market research to identify current trends and examine competition levels.

Salehoo Dropshipping Cons

Marketplace Fees: While Salehoo knows many customers like to use eBay and Amazon to trade their products, there is no profitable option for this. It means when you buy a product from a wholesaler or drop shipper and then decide to sell it on one of these marketplaces, the third-party platforms charge selling fees, and you will gain less money.

Branding: This issue is not completely related to Salehoo, but more with all wholesaler companies. When you want to trade other people’s products, you can not build up your brand. So many Salehoo users prefer to sell these goods on third-party marketplaces instead of their websites.

Amount of products: While 1.6 million products may seem a lot, there are huge worldwide Brands that provide 16 million supplies.


Salehoo is a wonderful program for new eCommerce business people who want to start dropshipping. If you do not own enough storage space and want to take it to the next level, Salehoo might help you. As there are many trusted companies and a large number of products, Salehoo can help you reach your goals. If you want to know more about Salehoo Dropshipping, read the above text and learn more details.

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