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How much does poshmark take? (Poshmark Fees)

Today, there are many social eCommerce platforms, which people use to buy and sell gently-used clothing, shoes, and accessories. Poshmark is one of these platforms you can use to sell some of the clothes and fashion items you do not need more. This site started in 2011 focusing on women’s clothing. Over time, it expands the range to men’s and children’s categories. Based on the company’s CEO Manish Chandra reports, this platform reached the $1 billion mark in sales in May 2019. 

Continue reading to learn more about how much does poshmark take from sales, and poshmark selling fees.

poshmark fees

How much does poshmark take from sales

One important question that almost all users consider when they want to choose a platform like Poshmark is how much does poshmark take. To answer this question, you have to know how Poshmark works. This process is easy, and you can start selling on the platform using your phone’s camera. Simply snap a photo of an item, and upload the image to your Poshmark closet in less than 60 seconds. Now, you have to fill in a simple description of the item you want to sell and set a price for that. Then it is time to share your listing with your network and social marketplace and find other users who need this item. As you share it more, you will get more sales. Also, you can use the platform’s pre-paid label and offer easy shipping.

It is good to know about poshmark fees, which take 20% of the sales price when selling an item above $15. If the sold item is less than $15, you have to pay a flat-rate fee of $2.95 to the app. You will receive this cost in your Poshmark account when the buyer receives the item and is marked as delivered. It means the actual earnings will be the 80% rest of the fee each time anybody sells something. This policy is the same for both individual items and Poshmark bundles. 

Now that you know about these poshmark fees, it is important to consider this topic before applying discounts for individuals or changing the listing itself. 

Here, you can read a list of some examples about the money you can keep from different sales:

If you sell an item for $3, you will keep $0.05, and so on.

sell an item          keep

$5,                        $2.05.                   

$10                       $7.05

$15                       $13.05

$20                      $16

$50                      $40

What Those Fees Cover

While somebody does not like to pay these fees to the app and thinks it is a disadvantage, they are worth it when you want to trade on Poshmark. They use this cost to offer many benefits like other platforms. For example, the app uses these fees to cover the shipping rate for more than five pounds packages.

Also, they send you the prepaid shipping label to your email or your account on the site. So you can make a sale whenever you want and should not be worried about downloading or printing the label for shipping. It is a fortune for new sellers as they do not have to charge or pay sales tax, which makes the selling process easier on Poshmark.

Also, they use these fees to keep the Poshmark up and running, handle all the financial transactions like credit card fees, pre-addressed shipping labels, and sales tax. Another important point is that you give some of your profit to the app, and they offer protection, which both buyers and sellers can trade trustfully.


As you know, many people choose to sell online on a platform like Poshmark as a great source of income. But whether you are a new seller or an experienced one, you might need to consider some important items like Poshmark selling fees and where the app uses those Fees. Here, you can read a complete guide about these topics.

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