Eight top order fulfillment software

Order fulfillment software is an e-commerce system that can process orders from customers and prepare them for shipment. The main goal of this software is to automation of inventory and warehouse management so it costs less energy and more efficacy. In this article, we are going to introduce the top 8 software you can use in 2021.

Main criteria for an efficient software

When you want to choose an order fulfillment software for your business, you have to pay attention to these 4 criteria as well;

  1. Look for its core features and functions. These should include management tools, order management, and fulfillment functions.
  2. Check for software’s compatibility with your organizational processes and see if meets your demands.
  3. Check for software’s integration potential and if it can easily integrate with other software systems you use.
  4. Because not all software providers offer automation features, software with these tools can be considered highly valuable.

8 order fulfillment software that can bring a smile to your lips

  1. ShipMonk

Offer: from $2.5 / order

Fee per additional item: $0.5

Pros: Good integration with Shopify and timely deliveries.

Cons: No reorder management and inventory optimization.


  1. Veeqo

Offer: from $150 / month

Fee per additional item: it can extend to $325 / month

Pros: Intuitive design and good reporting tools.

Cons: No PinnacleCart integration capabilities.


  1. Biz Automation

Offer: from $24.95 / user.month

Fee per additional item: can extend to $80 / user.month

Pros: Good video tutorials. Feature-rich and Continuous improvements to be produced.

Cons: Implementation is not easy.


  1. TradeGecko

Offer: from $39 / month

Fee per additional item: in the Premium version, it can extend to $9255 annually.

Pros: Great integration capabilities with an excellent order entry platform.

Cons: Capabilities on the smartphone app are limited.


  1. NetSuite

Offer: contact for quote

Fee per additional item: N/A

Pros: The user interface is easy to use and very customizable.

Cons: No Salesforce integration capabilities.


  1. ShipWire

Offer: contact for quote

Fee per additional item: the standard price is $29.95 / month

Pros: Scalable platform, inventory storage.

Cons: ShipWire customers report that order handling fees are higher than other providers.


  1. Zoho Inventory

Offer: from $0.0 / month

Fee per additional item: in the standard version, your annual price is $709

Pros: Inexpensive. Great user interface. Free setup assistance. Range of integrations.

Cons: No custom quote option. The standard plan has limited automation features.


  1. Brightpearl

Offer: contact for quote

Fee per additional item: it can extend to $375 / month

Pros: Gives access to a wide range of channels due to its integrations. Built-in POS and accounting. The vendor collaborates with prominent shipping carriers.

Cons: Too many steps in some processes.


Other order fulfillment software

  1. Silvertool CRM
  2. Monday
  3. MyClic
  4. Scoro
  5. Jira
  6. Odoo
  7. Bitrix24
  9. Wrike

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