How to use the message center Amazon? (Check Amazon messages)

Today everybody has heard about Amazon, and most of us have the experience of shopping or selling something on Amazon. This is an online website with a complicated system and many details to ease the trade process for both sellers and buyers. One of these options is message center Amazon. If you do not know what it is, continue reading and learn more.

Where is amazon message center?

message center amazon

Amazon Message Center is an Amazon Buyer-Seller messaging service that allows buyers and sellers to communicate directly. They totally use this system to discuss any issues, claims, feedback, or suggestions around their purchase. 

If you want to know where is amazon message center, I have to say that you can access this service within a user’s account. First, log in to your Amazon account, and you will see a dropdown menu to choose the ‘Your Account’ option. Here is a section of ‘Email, messages, and ads’, where you have to choose ‘Message Center’ and access the Amazon Message Center. 

How to use the message center Amazon?

When you are a customer and want to know how to use the Amazon messages service to view all the messages and important notifications about orders, shipping, payments, et cetera, you can do like what I explained in the previous paragraph.

But if you are a seller who wants to contact buyers using the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service, do like this:

  • Go to the Seller Central dashboard, find ‘Orders’ and choose ‘Manage Orders.’
  • You can choose the buyer you want to contact on the list of orders.
  • In the ‘Contact Buyer’ section, choose the buyer’s name.
  • You can send the message to the buyer through the Seller Central account or copy the buyer’s encrypted email address. 

Does Amazon send text messages?

In the field of Amazon message center inbox, you might like to know does Amazon send text messages, or not. Here, I have to mention that you can send text messages using the Amazon SNS. Also, you can send SMS messages to SMS-enabled devices. You might wonder if it is possible to send a message directly to a phone number. Also, this system enables you to send a message to multiple phone numbers at once if you subscribe to those phone numbers under a topic and choose to SMS to the topic.

How To Check Messages On Amazon (For Both Buyer & Seller)?

amazon messages

  • Seller

As you previously read, you can use the Buyer-Seller Messages page to communicate with buyers on Amazon. If you want to know how to check amazon messages, I have to say that you can check the marketplace through Seller Central and your personal or business email. In Buyer Messaging, you can see delivered communications with buyers by clicking the Response Needed dropdown filter and choosing Sent messages instead. 

Totaly, if you are a seller you can contact buyers by clicking on the buyer’s name or the Contact Buyer key on the below pages in Seller Central:

  • Manage Orders
  • Feedback Manager
  • Manage Returns
  • Manage A-to-Z Claims
  • Buyer-Seller Messages


  • Buyer

If you are a buyer and want to know how to check messages on amazon, you have to do everything almost the same as a seller. As a buyer, you will receive a copy of the message in your email. Also, you can get to it by logging in, clicking “Your Account” and tapping on the “Your Emails With Sellers” link under “More”.



As an Amazon user, whether you are a seller or buyer, you have to know about amazon messages. In the above text, you can read about different topics like where is amazon message center, does amazon send text messages, and how to check messages on amazon.

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