How to use Oberlo Chrome extension

Oberlo Chrome extension

If you are using a dropshipping business, install the Oberlo Chrome plugin. Oberlo can be very effective in increasing dropshipping sales for you.

With oberlo, you can manage your online store directly from almost any platform anywhere in the world. This plugin allows remote access to your sales system. Of course, you should note that this program is useful for sellers who work on AliExpress and have a Shopify website, and it does not work particularly well for people who have set up an online store themselves.

What is the Oberlo Chrome extension? 

Oberlo is an online store management system that lets you manage your dropshipping business. Through this tool, you can directly expand your business and get acquainted with more sales strategies.

This tool is a kind of interface between Shopify and Aliexpress. create a store using Shopify and then managing the link of aliexpress products related to your sales.

The Oberlo system has three types of payment panels, and for people who are just starting to sell and launch an online store, the Explorer option will work best.

Oberlo application

You can download and install the Oberlo Chrome Plugin through the Chrome Web Store so that you can manage your store anywhere with a laptop or PC. This plugin allows you to create ready-made forms for faster sales to your customers.

The benefits of the Oberlo Chrome plugin

  1. You can transfer products from aliexpress to your Shopify store.
  2. With this plugin, it is possible to sort products based on your AliExpress category on your Shopify website.
  3. The process of shopping through your online store with Oberlois even easier than the AliExpress website itself.

How to get Oberlo Chrome extension

To download and install the Oberlo Chrome plugin, you must first register through their website. In all available payment plans, you can get the plugin. the difference is the services. Once your registration in Oberlo is complete, you will be redirected to the Chrome Web Store, where you can download the plugin by clicking Add to Chrome.

This plugin is currently only available on the Google Chrome browser and you can not use it for other browsers such as Edge and Firefox.

Oberlo Chrome extension

How to use the Oberlo Chrome Extension

  1. First, after installing the plugin, click on the icon on the top right of Chrome.
  2. If the plugin is activated, its icon color will change from gray to purple.
  3. When you are on your Shopify website page, if it is possible to transfer products from AliExpress to your store, the icon color will also change to blue.

Oberlo Chrome extension

Find products through the plugin

1. First, you need to find the products and send them to your website through the plugin. To do this, enter the AliExpress website and open the product you want.

Oberlo Chrome extension

2. Then specify the shipping and payment options and click on the Oberlo icon.

Oberlo Chrome extension

3. In this section, specify the country and currency settings on Oberlo.

Import product

Go back to the Oberlo website and open the product list, if you hover over any product with the mouse، a blue button with “add to oberlo” title will appear. By clicking on it, the product will enter your shipping list.

Oberlo Chrome extension


After sending the product to the Import list, a page will open where you can fill out a form for your product SEO and enter the product into the website in a customized way.

Oberlo Chrome extension

How to receive an order in Oberlo

In terms of ordering, Oberlo has provided many features for you, which are categorized as follows:

Single orders:

When you add a product to your website, the Orange Order Product button on the front of it is activated, which takes the customer to the product page on AliExpress.

Oberlo Chrome extension

Bulk orders:

To select multiple items in the cart, you can select the option above the products and then choose Place AliExpress Orders.

All items managed by Oberlo and the customer is transferred to the purchase page on AliExpress.

Oberlo Chrome extension

How to connect the Oberlo Chrome plugin to the Shopify Store

You must enable two platforms to connect the extension to your Shopify store. Of course, if you have a store or you want to start a store from scratch, the method is different:

If you have a Shopify store

  1. First, enter the Oberlo admin page and click on Create or connect a store.
  2. A pop-up will open and ask you for your store URL, which you must enter in this section.
  3. Then click on Connect my store to go to the Oberlo installation step.
  4. Click install the app to connect the Oberlo account and website.

If you want to start a new store

  1. First, go to the Oberlo admin page and click Create or connect to a store.
  2. Under the URL section, click start your free trial of Shopify.
  3. In the next section, complete the requested information.
  4. After completing the information, you will return to the previous page. From here back to the Admin section Go to Oberlo and select Create or connect store.
  5. Now you can do the steps to connect the store to Oberlo again, as we said in the previous step.

Oberlo Chrome extension

Prices of Oberlo plans

Oberlo offers users three different plans, each with its services and features. The Explorer Plan, the Grad Plan for $ 7.9 a month, and the Boss Plan for $ 29.9 a month. The Explorer account is a free oberlo account that provides users with access to two levels of training courses, articles, and e-books, placing 500 Dropshipping products per month, and unlimited sales.

The Grad plan, which is $ 7.90 a month, also offers services such as unlimited training classes, direct conversations with Oberlo consultants, and detailed product sales reports.

The top plan for this app is Boss, which costs $ 29.90 a month. You can add more than 30,000 products through this plan, it also provides users with the possibility of unlimited batch orders, tracking of goods shipments, access to employees, affiliate sales program, and CAPTCHA system.


Even if you use the free system of this plugin, it will help a lot in increasing the sales of your website that is connected to AliExpress. So you can safely set up a Dropshipping indirect sales system through Oberlo and manage it faster and more efficiently.

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