How to Set Up an E-commerce Site with PayPal

Did you ever think about creating a PayPal-enabled online store?

Or do you even know what PayPal is? It is one of the most successful online payment providers through the business.

It owns more than 254 million active users in the world. Also, millions of merchants use it in different sizes worldwide. A popular and well-known payment choice eliminates friction, and that can significantly increase conversion standards.

On the other hand, PayPal is dead simple to set up. You have to make a PayPal account and an email address, and in many cases, it is the subject of copying your email address into your e-commerce program or pasting an HTML key to your website.

Here, we will talk about what you need when deciding to make payments with PayPal.


How to create an online store?

When you want to use PayPal, you require a storefront with a trading cart.

You have got a couple of choices:

  • Make a code for your online store from scratch
  • Make a store on an e-commerce program

Make a code for your online store.

If you have professional experience and want to repay someone who does – it is possible to build an online store from scratch.

Improving your custom online store implies that you must see how your website looks and works for sure. More, you will not have to spend any recurrent charges that e-commerce programs charge.

But, before you start coding, challenge yourself with these topics:

  • Are your store elements so novel that current resolutions in the market can not satisfy them? (Are you sure?)
  • Are you ready to investigate the scientific aspects of an online shop?
  • Do you hold sufficient ease to commit to this project?
  • If you are not a professional body, do you own an additional $5,000 – $10,000 to choose one?

When your answer is no to one of these questions, making code for your market is not logical.


How to use an eCommerce platform?

An option to make your online shop from the base is to manage an e-commerce platform.

Many e-commerce platforms do not need any technical knowledge, give built-in devices and opinions traders may like to use while running their store. Finally, you can take care of the complex material in the backend.

Here is what happens, exactly:

  • It holds one of the frankest and user-friendly interfaces.
  • It gives some built-in marketing devices to support agents maximizing their businesses, such as upselling, email marketing, and refunds.
  • The embed point enables you to convert any website into an online store in a matter of moments.
  • The built-in analytics give traders all the important penetrations to assist them in developing and improving their store.
  • For these purposes, many new and famous writers work with Sellfy to trade e-books, music, videos, images, presets, and 101 other products online.

Fix up PayPal payments

Whether you choose any of these ways to go – code your website or use an e-commerce platform – you need a payment processor.

As previously stated, PayPal is the quickest and most obvious step to begin taking online payments.

Here is how to attach PayPal to your Sellfy store:

Action 1: Sign up to Sellfy.

First, run and choose to open my store. It is possible to use your Facebook credentials or email address for signing up.

Action 2: Build a PayPal account.

Run and tap on Sign up. Then, choose if you need to build a personal or business account.

Then you have to complete the required data. The email address you want to use to enroll will be your PayPal username.

Action 3: Attach PayPal to your Sellfy account.

After you logged into your Sellfy account, find Payment options under Store settings. In the PayPal section, enter the email address as your PayPal username. Then you are made and receive payments with PayPal.



In this text, you read about making your shop on an e-commerce program like Sellfy is the quickest and most economical method to begin selling your products online. The times when marketers had to code their webshops are over. Also, you learned that running PayPal payments on your Sellfy store is not hard, and you can make it in three steps.


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