How to return amazon gift without the sender knowing? (Amazon gift return)

Do you enjoy buying presents for friends and family? If yes, you might like to receive a present from others, too. But what will happen if you receive something from somebody who does not know your tastes? Fortunately, many online shops enable the return of an unwanted gift without the sender knowing. Amazon is one of these websites where you can return your unwanted gift. If you do not know how the process of an amazon gift return process works, read the steps below here.

How to return amazon gift?

It might happen to all of us that we receive a gift, for example for a birthday or during the holiday but do not like it. In this case, you might think of a return. Sometimes you receive a gift that doesn’t fit or is the wrong color. Also, you might have it already or do not need it. If your gift is from Amazon, you are lucky enough because you can do the return process easily.

Continue reading to learn how to return amazon gifts.

  • Search the Amazon Returns Center on Your Browser

First, you have to find Amazon Returns Center online on your desktop or laptop browser. If you are a member, sign in to your Amazon account. But if you are not a member of the Amazon site, you’ll need to create an account. The reason that you have to create an account is that Amazon needs an account for the returned items refunds.

  • Add the Order Number of Your present.

There will be an order number on your packing label or the emailed digital gift ticket. You have to enter the 17-digit order number for the items you need to return.

If you can not find the order ID, call Amazon customer care and ask them to help you locate the order. They will find your order ID by the tracking number or the sender’s name.

  • Choose Items and Explain why you need to Return them.

Now, you will see a drop-down menu where you can choose the items you want to return and explain your reason. Pay attention if it is an item from a third-party vendor, you have to submit a return request.

In some cases, select Amazon sellers check submissions before permitting refunds. While doesn’t allow third-party merchandise, you can call or email the seller directly 14 days from the day you receive the item. If the seller agrees on the return, you have to postmark it within 30 days. Be careful to have a tracking number when you want to ship items $35 or more.

  • You Need to Print the Return Label

When you see the Print Return Label button, you have to open or save a PDF with the return label and attach it to your package.

More than downloading your return label, it’s important to pack each item individually. Also, if items are from different sellers, you have to print several labels for each one. 

  • Choose the Return Method

Now, it is time to choose the return method. There are different options like Ups store, Hub Lockers, Kohl’s, Whole Foods, or Amazon’s 4-star store. If your chosen option is Amazon Hub Locker to return, select an Amazon Hub Locker location closest to you. Your return package should be 18 in x 14 in x 12 inches or smaller to fit into the locker.

  • Package Your Return Item and Send Back

Put the return authorization form into the gift box, stick the shipping tag to the box’s body, send it back. Amazon’s return policy states that you should send back the item in the same condition as you received. Finally, I have to mention that you can track your return via the ‘Return Summary’ email or in the ‘Returns Center.’

How Do You Get Your Gift Refund?

Now that you know the answer to the question, how do i return a gift from amazon. Let’s see how you will get your gift refund from Amazon. When Amazon receives your returned item, they will send the refund to your Amazon Gift Card. Sometimes, you have to wait up to 25 days to receive your money. Remember that Amazon can reimburse those gift items more expensive than $2,000 only to the original payment method.



Are you thinking of an amazon gift return, but you do not know-how. Do not worry because you can do this process easily through some steps. Read the above text to find the answer to how do you return a gift from amazon in detail.

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