How to quit a job you just started and how to tell your boss you’re quitting?

Are you in a situation where you like to quit your new job? It might be interesting to know that based on surveys, about 30% of workers leave their new job within 90 days of starting.

Sometimes, you start a job and then suddenly see that this new job is not what you expect. Sometimes, it might happen because the employer was misleading about explaining the job situation. 

But do not worry, here you can read about all points of how to quit a job you just started.

When to quit a job you just started

One of the important subjects, when you want to leave a work that you had started recently, is how to tell your boss you’re quitting. An important factor is to consider the golden rule of quitting your job, which indicates that you have to give your employer at least two weeks’ notice. Also, when you were starting your job, they might give you an employee handbook that included the lined out rules like the time you have to give the company before quitting.

Why it’s OK to quit a job you just started

More than knowing how to quit a job, it is important to know why you want to do so. Here is a list of some good reasons that people quit their new job position:

  • Sometimes, when you enter a job, you understand that it is not what you signed up for, and there is no other position in your company to change your current job to that.
  • You believed you might like this, then understand it was a wrong step and will not help your career.
  • The employer lied to you about the job conditions and you can accept it at all.
  • Your boss treats you badly and while you try to change the situation, you find out how you’re being treated will not change.
  • It is not a safe position, and there is no adequate protection.
  • They ask you to do something, which is morally or ethically opposite of your beliefs.

How to quit a job you just started?

 If you seriously decide to quit your job, it means you are in the middle of the way and have to choose how to quit your job. Here I help you how to quit a job you just started for a better offer:

Resign in person: While it is not easy to do, you have to express it to your boss face to face as a professional one and ask him/her how to notify the whole team. 

Keep a positive tone: While there is no need to explain your reason for quitting, be firm and tell your manager that you thought long and hard and think it is the best decision.

Draft a letter of resignation: If your employers require paper documentation for resignations, respect his decision and time and type a resignation letter.

Offer at least two weeks’ notice: As I explained above, it is important to follow the two weeks’ notice.

Don’t mentally check out: When you have announced to your boss that you are leaving, still put 100% of your time and effort into that job. Remember that when you make an effort during your last two weeks on the job, you are developing your reputation in this delicate situation.

How to quit a job you just started If You Have Another Job Lined Up

Sometimes you have another job lined up when you are still working for the current company. It means you have to do both your resignation and interview at the same time. Among the new job interview questions, they might ask you why you’re leaving your current job. But do not worry too much, because the hiring managers know that sometimes jobs are not a good fit.

How to quit a job you just started If You Don’t Have Another Job Lined Up

When you do not have another job lined up, do not worry because you can start job hunting immediately when you are still working. You can focus on lining up a new position quickly, then go through your resignation again. This time you might be asked some questions about your previous job. But do not worry about it and just tell the truth.

How to tell your boss you’re quitting?

As I mentioned above, it is hard to tell your boss that you want to quit your job soon. But you made your decision and have to do it, to make it easier have these points when you want to face your boss:

  • Before sending a notice letter, ask for a private meeting.
  • Notify your manager at least two weeks earlier.
  • Thnks your employer for the opportunity and be polite during the conversation.

How to tell your boss you’re quitting examples

With all the above points in mind, if you still can not find how to tell your boss you’re quitting examples, do not miss this paragraph. You have to include some formal elements in your resignation letter, such as:

  • Your resignation date
  • If you have any offer to facilitate an easier transition
  • A two weeks notice

Read the below example of the letter of resignation to understand better:

Notice of Resignation: Julia Jones

Dear (the name of the boss),

 I write this letter to tell you that I’m leaving my position here at (the company name), and my last day is July 15th.

 While I am excited about the future, I want to tell you how much I’ve valued working with you. Without your skills and insights, the team would never have achieved this huge success.

 I’d love to keep in touch. Here’s my contact info…



If you are in a new job position but not satisfied, read the about text as a helpful text. There I explained how to quit your job, how to find a new position for working, and how to tell your boss that you are leaving so soon.

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