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How to link Instagram to shopify?

how to link instagram to shopify

Facebook launched Instagram Shopping in 2018. You can launch your store on Instagram and sell your products through post and stories with this feature. But did you know that Shopify can also be connected to Instagram?

In 2019, Instagram launched Checkout so that users can make their purchases without leaving the program.

Both features are great for sellers who have a Shopify store because, in this case, the Shopify store can be connected to Instagram. But here’s how to do it.

Why Start Selling on Instagram?

There are many reasons to sell products on Instagram:

  1. Instagram is a mobile social network with more than 1 billion monthly active users, and most of them have followed various brands.
  2. Sixty percent of Instagram users look for new products every day, and 30 percent buy products.
  3. Instagram users are very active, and more than 75% of them enter a website after seeing a post from a brand. In this case, the conversion rate of sales to sales in this social network is very high.
  4. Instagram Checkout has speeded up shopping, and users can make their purchases directly through its app.

How to link instagram to shopify?

Before you can start selling your products on Instagram from Shopify and connecting the two, you must have the following prerequisites.

  1. Your store should sell tangible products.
  2. You must be in one of the supported countries of Instagram
  3. You must also read and approve the terms and conditions for selling the product on Facebook.

Creating Instagram Business Account

You must first set up a business account on Instagram to be able to connect to Shopify. If you already have a regular report, you can do so by entering the settings section of the Instagram app and touching the Switch to Business Profile option.

how to link instagram to shopify

In addition to connecting Instagram to Shopify, one of the benefits of switching to a business account is access to countless statistical data from the account that you can easily understand how much you visit and interact with.

Facebook Shop

  • Now you need to set up a Facebook store to tag products in the store’s Instagram post.
  • Using Shopify software, first, select the + option next to Sales Channels and choose Facebook.

how to link instagram to shopify

  • Here, log in to your Facebook account and select the page you want Shopify to connect to.
  • Finally, give Shopify the intended access. It takes 48 hours for your account to be verified.
  • Once the Facebook Store account is verified, you need to connect it to your Instagram account. To do this, go to settings, Shopping section, and then Products section and select your product catalog.

how to link instagram to shopify

  • In this case, Instagram Support must check your account before you can set up a store on it.
  • The last step before connecting Shopify to Instagram is to activate Instagram sales channels in Shopify.
  • Click on the + option next to Sales channels and select Instagram in the Add Sales channel section. Finally, click the Add channel button and log in with your Facebook account.

how to link instagram to shopify

Tag Products

  1. So far, you have gone through all the steps to connect Shopify to Instagram, and now you have to put a product tag on your products.
  2. First, log in to Instagram and select one of your posts. Click Share and then choose Tag Products. You can touch the products on the photo and specify the name and price for each product.
  3. When you have OK all the products, touch Done and then Share.
  4. You were able to successfully tag a product in your Instagram post and get ready to sell it.
  5. Remember that you can tag five products on each photo, and carousel images are limited to 20 store tags.
  6. There is also the ability to add store tags to the story. First, create a story and then select the Product sticker and tag any product you want to sell in the story.

Start Selling on Instagram

There are essential points to start selling products on Instagram and connecting to Shopify, which we will mention a few:

Optimize Your Profile

If you want to sell more, try to create a stylish and beautiful account.

  1. The first thing that drives any user to buy the product is the appearance and photos that you put on your store’s Instagram page. Try to get help from a combination of attractive colors and quality photos.
  2. If you have a logo, be sure to put it in all your images to be eye-catching.
  3. Instagram also allows you to write a short caption for your posts. In this case, try to write suitable text for the product in a catchy and attractive tone to become buyers.
  4. You can also use your bio section on Instagram to introduce more discounts.

Schedule post on Instagram

The most extensive Instagram pages always follow one thing: they always post regularly.

  1. Have a specific schedule and submit your posts according to that schedule. For example, if you post every day at 2 pm, do the same thing every day so that followers can quickly know what time you publish your content.
  2. Never send many posts in one day, and suddenly do not send any post in a few days and will cause you to lose your followers, and it will significantly reduce your sales.
  3. How many posts you put in a day depends on the type of work you do. The important thing is to send the same number of posts on a scheduled and regular basis.

High-Quality Photos

You can use quality images to attract users’ attention. Although Instagram algorithms compress and publish pictures, you also try to post the best shot with good quality.

Ensure Great Lighting

Use good lighting in photos. One of the techniques used to photograph products is proper lighting. For example, if you put your product in a light frame and increase the radiation from one side of the product, it will be more visible.

If you are shooting a product indoors or outdoors, be sure to use a refractor or projector to increase the light source and image quality.

Consistent Look

Take a photo from a certain angle so that users can understand that this post is for you. If you always photograph the product from a certain point of view, you will significantly impact becoming better known.

For best results, make sure the image quality is twice the size suggested by Instagram. In this case, even with the decline in quality by Instagram, your photo will not be bad quality.

Show People Using Your Products

how to link instagram to shopify

Explain how to use the product to users in a video. In this case, you can quickly sell more of the product.

If you can start a lifestyle with your products and use the products you introduce in every part of your life, you have found the best way to sell.

Edit Your Photos

Remember that you must edit all professional photos in terms of light, color, and exposure. So you have to learn and professionally edit product photos and use them.

you must pay attention to the following steps for editing pictures:

  1. Light is an essential part of photography. You need to adjust the light and its surface and illuminate it so that the product looks perfect.
  2. Image detail is also essential. The higher the image quality and sharpness, the better you can introduce the product.
  3. The color in the image represents the application of the product. If you use the right color combination for the product background or show the product’s color as different combinations in the photo, you will benefit.
  4. The background is also an essential part of the product introduction. If you want the product to look more, try monochrome backgrounds with neutral colors.

Great Captions

Of course, images alone, cannot always help attract users and increase sales. The description you write about a product is also fundamental.

You can write up to 1,500 character descriptions for each product, but try to keep your writing energetic and straightforward. Do not use clichéd sentences and write more interestingly.Spend more time writing descriptions so you can sell a product better and faster.

Keep it Short

Also, a long explanation is not appropriate. You need to describe it in just a few lines and get the buyer what he wants.

how to link instagram to shopify

Proofread Your Captions

Correct spelling and grammar problems of the product description and send it without mistakes.

Using Hashtags

Hashtags also help a lot to attract the target customer. If you want a product to sell faster, use product-related hashtags in its description. For example, if you are selling a mobile phone, use the hashtags Smartphone, Technology, or similar words.


Setting up a store on Instagram and connecting Shopify to Instagram is the best way to start a fast and profitable online sale. If you can, get started right now and set up your Instagram store with the tutorials we gave in this article..

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