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How to get product reviews on Shopify?

How to get product reviews on Shopify?

If you need to expand your online store traffic, a great product review app is a necessary device to hold in your armory. These apps give automated review questions to your clients and make the entire review gathering process simple and quick. Scroll down to find the best Shopify reviews apps on the business.

Loox Photo Reviews

Loox is supposedly the most reliable Shopify review app free (according to Shopify app store reviews in September 2020). The amounts address for themselves – Loox has been utilized by 90,000 Shopify market partners. It does not just reply to a user’s review but also a picture of your satisfied client directly attached to it.


  • With only one click send product reviews and pictures from any reference
  • Completely understanding – reviews and photos will place easily and seem perfect on any machine
  • Automated, fully-branded review requests and notes

get product reviews on Shopify

Ali Reviews

Ali Reviews is a useful and very user-friendly stock review app.

It presents reports during the whole buyer’s visit. The Ali Reviews app is strong with mixtures. You can simply send reviews directly from AliExpress or other references through a CSV file.

Thanks to the combination with Google Shopping, your goods reviews/ratings can be assigned automatically to your Google Shopping supplies with no trouble.


  • Send AliExpress reports or from CSV files
  • Display product reviews and ranks on Google Shopping ads
  • Increase conversions by presenting engaging review popups
  • Particularly friendly and effective customer support

get product reviews on Shopify


The Stamped.io app is a different great opportunity to assemble reviews. It is a preferred tool to manage and improve your social proof. Many fastest-growing brands trust this app on Shopify and Shopify Plus, e.g. Rhone, Colgate, SodaStream, and more. There is a special point about Stamped.io that it offers a wide variety of user-generated content.


  • Mobile-optimized to completion, super active with any theme
  • 10+ widgets possible, like Carousel, Side Drawer, All Reviews page, and others.
  • Completely personalized to match your branding – apply your logo, layout, font, colors.
  • Easy text search – consumers may scan all current reviews
  • Not the lowest, but deserving the payout.

get product reviews on Shopify

Fera.ai Photo Reviews

Fera Product Reviews App is an example of the best product review apps to appear in 2021. It has a 4.9/5 star rating, and more than 10,000 Shopify markets use it.

Fera provides Shopify stores to assemble video, photo, and text reviews and lets shop keepers incentivize their reviews with integrity points, cashback, and refunds.


  • Give video and photo stock reviews like regular reviews
  • Show video, image, and product reviews on desktop or mobile
  • Hold your product reviews present up as strong snippets on Google

get product reviews on Shopify


Judge. me is an extra great case of Shopify apps meant to improve your e-commerce market with product reviews maintenance. It is one of the best resolutions on the business with all the necessary points. Judge. I give a permanently free version with SEO-rich snippets, review import, and added, like a paid account for $15 per period. It is a good option for those online Shopify store partners attending for the best free or cheap product review app.


  • Text, image, and video stock reviews plus automated notices
  • Extensive review offers, orders, and imports
  • 24/7 email and chat consumer support
  • Q&A and practice forms

get product reviews on Shopify


Yotpo app is the next e-commerce means that has wonderful Shopify reviews. It reaches out from the masses with a point enabling you to get reviews for many products with a per click. It helps you to collect customer feedback either by giving an automated email request or right on-site. An extra great point of Yotpo is that it also allows SMS marketing resolutions.


  • Reports, ratings, Q&A, images, and videos at key growth spots over your website
  • Exhibition customer content on-site
  • Give your best customer content on social media like Facebook & Instagram
  • Construct well-considered choices with the use of strong analytics instruments

how to get shopify reviews


So, if you did it this far, you may have remarked that there are more than some apps for Shopify stock reviews to pick. While it might appear difficult picking one Shopify product review app for your online shop – why not just present them a choice- based on our instructions. Almost all apps are assured to give free trials, so there is no danger. Some of them are even free. Here, in the above text, I named some of the best apps you can use to reach your goals.

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