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What Are The Best Ways of Finding Shopify Stores?

You might have an online shop on Shopify; but, your next problem might be how others can find Shopify stores on Google. When your market is apparent, it is likely for searchers to search and visit your store. Now, you may ask, how can I make my Shopify stores visible on Google because it is the best searching tool people use?


Read the following text and understand how to find Shopify stores.

How to search the list of Shopify stores on Google?

This part presents you with eight methods to get a list of Shopify markets on Google: applying “inurl” command to explore, working origin code search engine, working Builtcode, utilizing the IP, powered by Shopify, Work, indicating the source code with your browser, Google site purpose and and Woorank Tool checker.

  • Working “inURL” command to search

The primary purpose is to work the “inURL” command to seek within a web address. Using this way, you could scan for URLs that combine your search words. If you seek on Goole, applying this system is the most suitable one for you.

This system enables you to study the URL, not returns from other addresses, and not correlated to your search words, such as title, metadata, content, etc.

On Google, you insert inURL:, and you will find the linked search results.

  • Utilizing Source Code Search Engine

You can seek any HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and clear text in the web page reference code and take a list of websites that carry it.

You build your account by ticking the Sign in the label. To seek the Shopify market, you insert in the research tap and tick the Search button. One method to support you gain final decisions is that you should add quotes for your terms. Then, you will see a list of websites, and you hold the CSV key to download the file.

  • Find Shopify Stores Using IP.

You can seek your Shopify store on this website. All Shopify markets utilize the IP address so, you can simply get Shopify stores that you need. Now, the best way is to use to find Shopify stores using IP.

You insert the website title, pick the countries, and next this website will supply final results. When you go down, you will notice a table including website, its IP Address, Web hosting business, Server IP area, Web hosting city, society site successful rating. Furthermore, you can also save it in Excel or CSV form.

  • Google “site” function and

Why do you work with the site control from Google and on the research query? The reason is when you sign up with Shopify, you will find the name of your shop and

For example,, if you enroll that field name, you can replace that URL same

  • Controlling the source code with your browser

This system is so simple and is not important for all Shopify users. If you want to see the source code, hold the right mouse click, and tick the choice “Show Page Source”. Then, you will recognize the Shopify key on the website and data such as images, Javascript, or others stacked from Shopify CDN. In summary, you can find stored data on Shopify hosting servers. For instance, I seek MVMT Watch, and I tick “Show Page Source”.

  • Using

This resource gives Internet web technology data like offering Internet systems the same as analytics, promotion, hosting, CMS, eCommerce, and more. Here, I suggest you use to download your favored list. First, you need to build your account. After you generate your account, it will redirect you to the Reports part in your Dashboard. You can analyze a list of Shopify markets, or you can take the other possible opportunities.

  • Powered by Shopify sites and Google

Another way to find Shopify-based markets is to use Google and the best search order. This system is received in this program when you see small items at the footer of the Shopify market. You will notice “Powered by Shopify”. When you tick on this term, it will redirect you to the Shopify website.

Use this way to explore on Google is that you apply the term powered by Shopify. Google will provide you with better research results. Although search returns are more precise, you should check it again with the origin.


If you do not know how to search the list of Shopify stores but need to learn, continue reading. Here, you will find different ways to find a Shopify store or a list of them on Google.

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