How to create a listing on Amazon?

Today, many people sell their products on Amazon. When you have decided to sell products online, before anything, search about the basics like creating a listing on Amazon. If you do not have any technical knowledge to set the Amazon first listing, do not worry. Here, you can read about all details of the Amazon product listing.

What are Amazon product listings?

If you want to know what product listing on Amazon is, this paragraph is for you. When you want to sell an item on Amazon, you have to make a product page for each item containing a product list. You have to mention some needed information in this list, such as its title, images, description, and price.

In this way, shoppers view your product listing page and use different options on this page to make a purchase. So, it is important to make a great product listing on Amazon become successful in your selling.

What To Include In An Amazon Product Listing?

The next important question is how to create a listing on Amazon? Every product listing on Amazon contains six parts. Whether you want to act as retail arbitrage or a private label, you need to add these six items to your product listing.

These items are:

  • Product Title
  • Product Images
  • Key Product Features
  • Product Listing Description
  • Amazon Product Reviews
  • Amazon Product Rating

You have to try to state each element of your product listing in the best way and stay ahead of your competitors.

How to create a listing on Amazon?

Read this paragraph, if you are looking for the answer to the question How do I list an item on Amazon?

  • In the first step, you have to Log in to Seller Central and go to the Inventory Menu. Find Manage Inventory and Add a Product button, which you have to choose.
  • Now, you see the product category screen. Choose I’m Adding a Product Not Sold on Amazon link. Select where you want to categorize your product. Pay attention, for listing books on Amazon, you can list your books from the Amazon page itself, and there is no need to create any new listing.
  • In this step, add vital information to the fields of your product, such as your title, product ID, brand name, manufacturer name, and more. Pay attention, sometimes Amazon does allow you listing on Amazon without upc but often an exemption is required. 
  • Do not forget to make bullet points on your listing because that is the first text a potential customer will see. 
  • Create a well thought and optimized product description. 
  • Now, fill out the Keywords tab if you want. 
  • Fill in the Variation tab to sell different product sizes and colors.
  • Use the Offer tab to add your price and other price-related details.
  • Use your additional photo upload images over and above your main product image.

How To Organize Your Amazon Listings?

If you want to properly organize your Amazon listings using keywords and good seller behavior, follow the below steps.

  • Choose an easily scannable, relevant, and informative product title that includes the most important keywords.
  • Make a product description that is easy and engaging to read, clearly structured, and informative.
  • Add more details about the target audience or product material.
  • Choose the main image with high quality, showing the product on a white background that fills 85% of the image frame.

Now that you have organized your listing, you can expect a better selling rate.

How to report a listing on Amazon?

As you know, all Amazon sellers have to follow all laws, regulations, and Amazon policies to make an Amazon product listing. The company asks you to report any listing abuse in the below way:

  1. Go to the Report abuse page.
  2. Choose the violation type.
  3. Enter the related order ID or ASIN/ISBN.
  4. Add the needed information to the field that asks you Please describe your issue.
  5. Finally, submit it.


If you want to start your business as an Amazon seller, you have to know how to make an Amazon product listing. If you do not know anything about this subject, read the above text and all the essential details.

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