How to Choose The Best Water Gun?

Did you ever play with a water gun? This toy is one of the most popular summer toys of all time, as it is the best way to cool off on a warm evening. If you want to buy a water gun, read the below text to make the best purchase and become familiar with some f the topwater guns.

How to Choose a Good Water Gun?

When you want to buy a Water Gun, you have to be careful about its quality construction and delivering a good soaking. Because a Water Gun is useless if you can not wet your opponent. Whether your kids want to play with it in the backyard or you want to use it in a poolside game, you have to be aware of these options.

Also, you can use the below selection of the most popular names and find the models you like more.

Another important point is the water gun price that should suit your budget. Also, you can search about consumer feedbacks around the world and choose more carefully.

What Features Should I Look For a Water Gun?

There are many different-looking Water Guns that you can choose from, a machine gun style with a distinct water-loaded container to a long-range rifle-style water gun or a traditional style pistol. Now, you have to choose the one that suits you and is also comfortable to carry and simple to use. 

If you want to buy it for a young kid, you have to search for something easy to use and lightweight to move. My recommendation is to use a smaller Tank Size and make sure that he plays near a water source to replenish his water gun easily. But sometimes, you go to play in extended water fight sessions, and there is no pool in your backyard. Now, you can choose a large size water gun that has an overflowing capacity of water. Also, you can buy an extra backpack accessory and charge it with a further handy water supply to reload your water gun easily.

There are three main water blasters classes, and you can choose to buy based on different characteristics and advantages and their important discerning values.

  • You can buy a water gun with a trigger squeeze release. This type releases a long stream of water and ends when you release the trigger or the water source as depleted.
  • Another style is pump-action soakers that shoot a jet of water when you charge and activate the pump. They are simple to work with and the best at targeting a close-range player.
  • You might hear the name of “fill and fire” guns which describe this special type. The last one is a plunger-style soaker used to hold much more water, and you can fill it from a source like a bucket or pool. Then you have an onboard tank ready to be forcefully and quickly used.

Whatever is your choice, continue reading to see the Best Of Water Gun review.

Best Water Guns in 2021

Nerf Super Soaker ZipFire Water Gun

The Nerf Super Soaker Zipfire is a popular Water Gun that could deliver a sharp jet of water flood to a distance of approximately 15 feet. You can use it to have a lot of fun at your poolside party, particularly when you want to play with lots of kids.

You have to hold this gun with your hands and work with it with your fingers. It would fit in your hands perfectly and assure a complete grip. Another positive point is that you should not pump the gun ahead of time like many other water guns.

Price: 20.60$


  • Shoot water up to 34 feet away
  • Fire off 5 streams of water at once
  •  high-quality


  • Need to refill a lot
  • Some complains about the distances shoot

JoinJoy Water Gun

The second gun I want to introduce is the JoinJoy, the best singular water gun to buy. If your kid wants to be the king of the water paly, be sure that this gun is the best for you. It is a large gun with around 2 liters of water capacity, which means less time loading and playing for a longer time. Also, it is easy for your kid to use it because he should open the extra-large cap above the gun and fill it with water. There is a perfect pump-action design, which can shoot more than 32 feet.



  • Long Range Shooting
  • Large Capacity up to 1000 cc
  • Safety and High Quality


  • No specific cons

NERF Fortnite HC-E Super Soaker Toy Water Gun

The next gun is famous for this statement “it is NERF or nothing”. NERF is a popular brand name in toy battle goods and accessories famous for dependability, high quality, and the highest performance standards. The NERF Fortnite HC-E Super Soaker Toy Water Blaster is a toy that your children feel like experts when they load it up, point, and fire in a non-violent and fun-loving fight battle.
It contains an amazing 7.4 liquid ounces of water, equal to 218.8 ml of water, and is simple to load and fun to shoot.

Price: 10.99$


  •  Fortnite-based styling
  • lots of shots per fill


  • Trigger-based functionality
  • low power and output

NERF Fortnite TS-R Super Soaker Water Gun

For almost half a century, NERF has been the best in designing, creating, and marketing. Here, I want to introduce NERF Fortnite TS-R Super Soaker Water Blaster as a large-capacity water gun that you can fill easily. This super soaker high-range toy water gun can shoot powerful streams of water squirt to cover about 36 feet distance. It has a 7.4 fluid range tank that wets its target with awesome water firepower. While it weighs about 9.9 ounces, it is strong and enduring.

Price: 20.99 $


  • Holds up to 36 ounces of water
  • Easy to refill


  • Small parts make choking hazards

Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Water Gun

I want to add another perfect water gun to this Water Gun review known as the Nerf, the original Super Soaker water gun. It is a well-looking water gun with an interesting design and highlights a pump-to-fire action. Also, there is a budget-friendly price tag for this item but along with a unique five-stream water delivery firing design that provides your competitors with a total soaking. The tank is small and suitable for kids to fill it on the go. The nest point is its high-quality constriction that would not break because of rapid water war.



  • Low-price
  • Low-weight


  • Leak at some angels


If you are a fan of water playing or need to buy a water gun for hot summer days, read the above text. We talked about different points you need to consider for buying a good water gun and introduced the top 5 water guns.

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