How to get into high ticket sales? (High ticket sales jobs)

If you want to work in the world of digital marketing, you might face two different kinds of client profiles. The first group includes ones who are low risk, have the low reward, and develop low ticket sales. But the second group are the ones who are high risk, have a high reward, and generate high-ticket sales. If you want to know more about high ticket sales, like how to get into high ticket sales and high ticket sales jobs, continue reading.

What is high ticket sales?

If you do not know what high ticket sales are, read this paragraph as an introduction. Generally, high ticket sale is the name of a high-value products and services group. These products cost much more and present greater importance to the customers. There is a high-ticket sales funnel, as a selling system that moves customers through the buying process of high-priced products or services.

high ticket sales

How to get into high ticket sales?

When your target is a high-ticket client, remember that you should not go for the direct sell. Instead, find communities where their visitors could be your target client and make valuable conversations. Also, here are some steps that you can try to get into high ticket sales.

  • Consider if you are ready to land High-Ticket clients by analyzing if your service/product is adequate for competition. 
  • In the next step, you have to build a great reputation for yourself in relevant online groups and communities. 
  • Before any sale, try to make conversations to find out the challenges and problems the group members might face.
  • You need to place strong filters to land high-ticket clients. For example, if you have targeted large healthcare providers in a special district, you need to limit your social media posts to hospitals in that area. 
  • Use empathy in your voice to land high-ticket clients. For example, you can address common pain points between you and your clients.
  • Using the follow-ups tactic means setting a few hours of each day and converting the lead to a client. This causes your clients to value you more contact.

What Is Considered a High-Ticket Product?

Before any decision, you have to consider what a High-ticket product is. Totally, we consider all high-value and high-priced products or services as High-ticket products. While they cost a bit of money, they present customers with a high value. There are many items in this group that we will tell you about one by one in the following, but you have to know that all products or services that cost more than $1,000 are among High-ticket products. 

What are the benefits of a high-ticket selling strategy?

High ticket sales could be beneficial for both brands and consumers. Here is a list of high-ticket selling benefits.

  • High-value causes you more revenue from fewer orders.
  • You can strengthen your brand with a sense of status, superiority, and authority.
  • High-ticket sales cause you to attract fewer but higher-value customers. 
  • You can offer more comprehensive than low-cost ones.
  • When you offer high-value products, you will improve your business without limitations.

High ticket sales jobs

If you want to find a high-ticket sales job and become a great salesperson in high ticket sales, you should act, present, and dress differently from other salespeople. When you want to find a job as a high-ticket salesperson, remember that conventional salespeople have a lot of unfavorable associations in customers’ minds. As a High-Ticket Closer, it is better to behave and talk like a professional, the same as a doctor. In this position, you should be calm, and speak with conviction and authority. 

High ticket items

If you want to start your high-ticket business, and need to find some of the high ticket items, here is a list of the most popular items in this group:

  • Bicycles, electric bicycles, and bike racks
  • Furniture or home improvement products
  • Digital cameras and camera accessories
  • Home theater equipment
  • Watches and jewelry
  • Home appliances
  • Automotive equipment and accessories
  • Electronic equipment
  • Art and statuary
  • Drones and model aircraft

high ticket sales jobs


High ticket sales are different from high school online ticket sales and would make you a change of a profitable business. If you want to know more about high ticket sales jobs, high ticket items, and how to get into high ticket sales, read the above text.

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