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How to find eBay Sellers easily?

For consumers who usually want to purchase on e-commerce sites, no one is late for eBay. Because it gives customers a mixture of beautiful items in different classes, reaching the customer examples given. However, some consumers are not easy with eBay, as well as all its uses. One of the points that many characters query about the most is how to locate sellers on eBay.

In this section, I want to show you three easy methods to locate a seller on eBay.

What is eBay?

Maybe when it gets to the eBay title, many of you feel familiar. But, your knowledge might be limited. Do you know that is a result of the eBay organization in the US? eBay is well-known as an online business website. It is a collection place and markets a lot of pieces, goods from all over the world. The unique variation of eBay is to display a website for you to purchase goods in the order of eBay sales as outdoor disposal.

How to search for a seller on eBay?


There are often three foremost ways that you can use and find sellers on eBay. Those are in this section:

  • Search an eBay seller by title or email address.


  1. Enter your eBay account and sign in.
  2. Find the Advanced Search form


Tick on Find a member or Find contact information. You will find them under the Members title in the left line.

Click Find a member when you need to locate the eBay profile and see the items they sell.

  1. Choose the Find contact information icon to get an email from eBay and view the person’s contact info.
  2. Copy the user ID or email address of the user in the section. If you choose the Find contact information icon, insert the piece number for the disposal.
  3. Enroll the CAPTCHA. You will only view this if you tick the Find a member
  4. Tick Search. It will present the user ID for the eBay seller as you enter the email address. You can request the person’s contact information, and you will receive an email containing your preferred data.
  5. Tick user ID. It will represent the seller’s profile and the Contact link on the right side.
  6. If you desire to attach the seller to your favorites, click the save 

Find eBay seller by object number.

  1. Run eBay in a web browser.
  2. Tick Advanced beside the Search key. It presents the Advanced Search form, which enables you to seek objects from specific eBay sellers.


Tick By item number on the left side on the top.

  1. Copy the object number in the case.
  2. Tick Search. It will present a link to the listing of the objects. Tick the name of the listing and discover the seller’s username below Seller information on the right-hand of the page.
  3. Tick Save this Seller if you would like to attach the seller to your picks.


Find listings by seller’s user ID.

  1. Run the eBay web page.
  2. Tick Advancedbeside the Search
  3. Tick By seller in the left hand on a sidebar.
  4. Tick the case close to Only show items. It is under the Sellers’
  5. Copy the seller’s user ID in the Specific seller’s case in the right beside the drop-down list that states Include.
  6. Place the other search parameters (voluntary).
    • If you are scanning for a specific piece, you can find your favorite keyword from the listing and copy that into the Enter keywords or item number case.
    • Choose any of the choices below the Search including option, defines what kinds of listings to view.
    • Complete the order until you get to the Sellers section, which you have previously filled out.
  1. Tick Search the base of the order.
  2. Tick a listing to see it. From now, you will reach the seller by ticking Contact seller below Seller information on the right-hand of the page.
  3. Choose Save this Seller if you would like to attach the seller to your picks.


Above, I explained the three easy methods to find sellers on eBay that you can easily use now. I think locating a seller on eBay will not be a problem anymore by this step-by-step guideline.



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