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All You Need to Know about eBay Summary Page

Almost all eBay users know about the My eBay summary page. This page dispenses your details about practically all aspects of your eBay life. For instance, you can mention your shopping history, a review of your recently seen items, and the state of your requests.
You can use this My eBay page to develop links to market items, enter your seller hub, view and write messages, and view or update all of your account projects.

Report shows can support you to streamline your official work, particularly if you have customized it to your eBay favorites and user attitudes. If you arrange your favorites on eBay, you will descend on the Summary page when you open the eBay site. When you contribute to the Selling Manager, it will restore the All Selling box.
Here, you can read more about the eBay summary page and learn how to run it in the best way.

How to explore your My eBay Summary page?

The Summary page provides you with a snapshot of your daily eBay market. It presents data about your trading business.
If you are a customer, this place shows you data about:
• Objects you are viewing
• objects you are requesting on
• Objects you have been bid on (for which you may want to up your bid)
• The feedback that you want to give to objects you have bought


When you choose to trade on eBay, all Selling sections will present these info:
• Inquiries about things pending from considered consumers
• Things you have traded
• Any things that are in the Entries means
• Things you are marketing
• How many things you have not marketed
You can manage what you would like to perform on my eBay pages as you wish. Also, it is possible to customize it when you click on my eBay link in the navigation tap. Then tick the Change link on the right side besides these words: “My eBay landing page is set to Summary”.

If you subscribe to eBay’s paid settings like eBay Stores, it will provide a link to your subscription field. Moreover, you will find a link to any essential reports from eBay about variances in its systems or settings.

How to Perform It Personal?

To start the customization method for your My eBay summary page, hang on to the My eBay section at the head right side of any eBay page and take Summary from the drop-down list. Now it is possible to supplement, cover or relocate pieces you need in all points of your My eBay summary page.

On the other hand, you can choose what type of data you need to recognize first when you want to visit My eBay. There are three labels on the top left-hand front of your summary page cover, named Activity, Notes, and Account. All of these statements also have customization choices.

How to choose a Homepage and customize the Activity tab?

Ticking from the left-hand list on your Activity statement will lead you to sub-pages, like Purchase History or Saved Searches, where you will find the opportunity of getting the delivered page.
You can choose this option by ticking a link in the head right side below the “Tell Us What You Think” link that states “Make Purchase History Your My eBay homepage” or “Make Saved Searches Your My eBay Homepage.”

Each time you start your My eBay summary page, you will see this page, too. It serves you efficiently follow all of your Shopping or stored quests with the least number of clicks. To customize your Activity statement, Find the signs in the list bar on the left side of your cover and choose them. It enables you to display or cover the drop-down menu choices for every class: Buy, Lists, and Sell.

Almost all eBay users hear about the eBay summary page. But they might not know how it can help them or how they can use it beneficially. You can read the above text to understand more about the eBay summary page and its details.

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