How to open and close any case on ebay resolution center?

As an eBay user, you might face a case where a buyer on eBay doesn’t send an item payment after the bidding closes, so eBay is typically opened. Also, this might happen when an eBay seller doesn’t provide an item, even when the buyer sent the payment. In this text, you can learn about what is an eBay resolution center, and how to use it to open and close any case on eBay resolution center?

What is the eBay Resolution Center?

resolution center ebay

Many newbies or eBay professional sellers do not know what is ebay resolution center. If you want to start selling on eBay, you have to know the resolution center ebay. 

While the eBay sales transactions are mainly smooth, all eBay sellers should know how to prevent a buyer’s scamming. The eBay resolution center will save you from other problems like handling return recommendations as a seller or supporting buyers when they do not receive an item. Totally, the eBay interface of the seller resolution center is rather helpful for navigation, and sellers can easily find suspicious things disturbing them.

How does the eBay seller Resolution Center work?

The basic rule of eBay is to encourage the sellers and buyers to talk to each other and solve their problems. But if they could not solve their problem, the other solution is that eBay tries to fix the problem.

As a seller, you can easily use the eBay resolution center by reporting and tracking the issues on the resolution center when you sell your products. For example, in a case that you sold a product and needed to cancel it because it was an unpaid item case, you can use the ebay resolution center.

How to use the eBay Resolution center?

When you can not solve your problems during trade on the eBay platform, you can ask for help from the ebay resolution center. This case could be resolving the unpaid item problems, so you need to report a problem to the ebay resolution center. The best time to report an unpaid item is two days after the listing ended:

  1. First, go to the Resolution Center.
  2. Choose the option “I haven’t received my payment yet”
  3. Tap to Continue.
  4. In the next step, eBay informs you about the result, and you can track the progress.

How to contact the ebay resolution center?

As you previously read, if you can not solve your problem with an eBay buyer, it means you need help, and you have to contact the ebay resolution center. To contact the resolution center ebay, follow the below steps:

  1. Choose Help & Contact at the head of the pages.
  2. Here, you have to sign in.
  3. You can choose a topic that describes your issue better.
  4. Based on your case, eBay will show you a quick way to fix your issue yourself, or the available eBay support team will solve it.

How to Close a Case on the Resolution Center?

Sometimes your negotiations with buyers work well, and the buyer accepts to pay, and you close the case automatically. If the buyer pays through PayPal, everything will happen in the best way. But if your buyer chooses to pay by other methods like cash, you have to visit My eBay or Seller Hub and tick that the item is paid now.

When you open a case for non-paid items, the buyers can pay it for four days. On the 5th day that the buyer did not pay it, you can follow the below actions and close your case on the resolution center:

  1. Visit the Resolution Center.
  2. Choose the case that you want to close.
  3. There will be a question “Have you received payment from the buyer?” and you have to answer “No”.
  4. Finally, you can choose the “Close case” option.



If you are an eBay seller, you have to know about the ebay resolution center. If you do not know about it, read the above text. Because if a buyer does not pay for the sold item, and you can not solve the problem by yourself, eBay resolution center will help you.

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