Dropified vs Oberlo ( all you need to know)

Dropified vs Oberlo

One of the most challenging elements of managing a drop shipping market is getting a reliable supplier and a proper drop shipping program to practice. Among numbers of drop shipping programs, users mind examining Dropified vs Oberlo.

In this guide we will cover up the subjects below:

So what are Dropified vs Oberlo?

  • Pricing
  • Customer support
  • Product import
  • Order fulfillment
  • Marketing

Let’s make a head-to-head comparison based on the mentioned factors.

What is Dropified?

 Dropified allows you to start a new quick e-Commerce business. It also helps you to source your stock and fill the purchases automatically. Retailers will not have difficulty with sourcing, listing, transportation, and packaging, just concentrating on marketing projects.

What is Oberlo?

Oberlo was the first drop shipping apps store, as it has been on Shopify App Store since 2015. That implies Oberlo just supports Shopify users. If you are practicing different shopping carts but need to use Oberlo, you should move your shop to Shopify.

Dropified vs Oberlo Comparison

  • Pricing

There is a starter plan for Oberlo. It means that merchants can use it without pay in advance or give credit card data. But, there would be some limitations on what you can make with the tool.

In opposition, there are no Dropified systems that are without any charge. But, all of its three pricing ranges cover a 14-day-trial-period, calculated from the day you join, give your account info and name in credit card data.

  • Customer support

In words of customer support, Oberlo has extra to contribute when analyzing Dropified vs Oberlo. Oberlo’s consumer support partners are ready 24/7. When Dropified only gives customer support through regular business times.

  • Options to import products

How to import goods to your market working Dropified vs Oberlo?

Both Dropified vs Oberlo presents users with a Chrome addition to automatically attach goods from origins like AliExpress to your website. To utilize the extensions, you need to start the Chrome browser on a desktop (they do not run on mobile or tablet). All you have to make is search the web to gain winning goods for your company.

With Oberlo, retailers can attach products to the Import menu and then proceed to the Oberlo dashboard to add them to your online shop. Meantime, retailers working Dropified have two choices Send to my store and Save for next.

  • Product Customization

As a marketer, you will not have all product items after sending them from marketplaces like AliExpress or Amazon for some cause. In some instances, some of the items might not be appropriate. Therefore, it is important to correct product items after utilizing Oberlo and Dropified to ship products from marketplaces.

With Oberlo, you will:

  • Replace the product name and description
  • Edit stock alternatives
  • Change product weights
  • Edit product models and add labels
  • Attach products to stores
  • Choose product pictures

With Dropified, you will change the items listed here:

  • Product name
  • Cost
  • Compare at cost
  • Weight
  • Type
  • labels
  • Merchant name
  • Variants (add / delete)
  • Representation


  • Order fulfillment

It is one of the essential elements of drop shipping mechanization. Retailers need to come back to AliExpress to complete customers’ information automatically. Particularly when there are several requests each day, it needs a decade to achieve those small tasks.

Fortunately, both Dropified vs Oberlo suggests an “Auto Place Order” choice. With Oberlo, you can put orders product-by-product or arrange various product lines at once. But, the bulk system feature is not possible in the Starter approval plan. It directs you to the AliExpress website, where you make the orders by doing marketing. You can also practice the ”Sync this page” or ”Sync all orders” key to check the order status as “Fulfilled” both in Oberlo and Shopify admin.

With Dropified, it is possible to choose various orders and make the order arranging process operate in the background.

  • Marketing

We all recognize that customers favor setting trust in goods if there are great displays about them. With Dropified, you do not have to cause increasing your social data from scratch. Instead, Dropified users can quickly send existing displays from your merchants on Amazon or AliExpress to your e-Commerce site.

With Oberlo, traders will notice that each stock now has an “Import Reviews” key as well. You have to choose it, pick the criteria you want to send, and wait a few minutes. The app will immediately send all the reviews from AliExpress to your Shopify market.


You may hear the name of two great Drop shipping apps, Dropified and Oberlo. If you are not sure that which one could match your business more, read the above text. Here, I compared these two apps with different features.

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