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How to choose the right delivery company?

What is the best delivery company you can use for your business? The choice is difficult, but in this article, we introduce the best delivery companies.

You need to check your business services and consider what the customer wants from you. Based on this, you can choose an effective delivery company accurately. There are several shipping companies, each with UPS, DPD, DHL Express, DHL Parcel, and GLS services. But what are the differences between each of these services?

What is the best delivery company?

To choose a delivery company to develop your business, you must first consider the following:

  1. Consider the number of products you send per month.
  2. Whether your products are delivered domestically or internationally, and you have to choose the delivery company based on this category
  3. What are your customers’ expectations in product delivery?
  4. Prioritize this if you can choose from more than one delivery company.

In general, to choose a delivery company, you must first determine the number of products you want to send to customers during a month. Accordingly, companies operating internationally and domestically at the same time prefer over companies providing only one regional service.

Determining the amount of profit obtained from each product and comparing it with the cost of shipping the goods can be effective in determining the delivery company. You have to choose the company of your choice based on the facilities of weekend delivery, fast delivery. The more services a company provides in this area, the more loyal your brand can be to your customers.

It is important to note here: Do not use the product quality budget to consider more money for professional transportation. This will cause a rapid decline in your customers, and they will not buy from you regardless of the type of shipment and seeing the quality of the product.

How to get information about a delivery company

After determining the items mentioned above, you can choose the one you want by considering effective research about the delivery company. There are many things to consider when designing a good delivery company.


The intended delivery company should include many shipping options. For example, land, air, rail, and sea transportation systems can be good options. In this case, each customer can choose the type of shipping customized between different options when choosing their product. This helps to open the customer’s control as much as possible for a better choice.

Which Delivery Company Is Best For My Business: DHL vs DPD vs GLS vs UPS

DHL is one of the largest transportation systems in Germany. This company is the largest transportation logistics in the world, and it covers more than 220 countries and offers courier and electronics services. Other services include standard delivery methods, return of defective goods internationally and nationally, and e-commerce services.

DHL Express is another part of this shipping company but operates internationally. Most of the customs clearance activities, fast delivery of international goods and electronic systems, as well as fast delivery, are among the outstanding services of DHL Express.

Choose the right delivery company

The difference between delivery services

DHL Express and DHL Parcel are both DHL subsets. Express provides international services, and the DHL Parcel system covers both domestic and international services.

DPD is one of the largest transportation systems in Europe, connecting 23 countries directly for delivery. Nearly 5.2 million packages handle through the company every day.

UPS, on the other hand, is a European transport company with 110 years of experience. Its international services are unique in the world and offer a variety of services worldwide.

GLS is also a Dutch-British company covering more than 41 European countries and the United States. Its services are both international and domestic.

Choose the right delivery company

Product shipping details with DHL Parce

One of the most transparent and fastest delivery services in Europe and the world is DHL parcel, which offers unique services in sending goods. the details of sending products in this company are as follows:

  1. Product weight up to 31.5 kg
  2. Maximum dimensions 120 * 60 * 60 cm
  3. Shipping time below three days
  4. Fast delivery for all European countries
  5. Very powerful product tracking
  6. Delivery is also possible on holidays.
  7. Direct delivery to parcelShop stations
  8. Insurance coverage up to 500 Euros
  9. Delivery of large goods and faster delivery of goods are also accepted.

For international shipping, the following conditions consider:

  1. Product weight up to 31.5 kg
  2. First 120 * 60 * 60 cm
  3. For the US, 42 inches long and maximum length and width 79 inches.
  4. International shipping time less than ten days
  5. Powerful tracking
  6. Delivery of goods through the international postal system
  7. Clearance of goods with simplicity
  8. Insurance coverage up to 500 euros

When to use DHL parcel

DHL Parcel is a good option for shipping goods in the fastest time domestically and internationally. it saves your money. You can also use this option for fast delivery in European countries.

DHL Express Delivery Company

DHL Express has been providing delivery services internationally for over forty-five years. More than a few million entries a year into customs have become one of the largest delivery systems in the world. DHL Express can be a good option for delivering international orders. If you have a business in international exports and imports, be sure to use this company to deliver your products, because even customs and clearance problems will keep your goods to a minimum.

International fast delivery is one of the best advantages of this company.

When to use DHL Express

If you want your products to reach the destination internationally as soon as possible and without the slightest problem, use the services of this delivery company. DHL is very suitable for the following services:

  1. Companies that need regular international delivery services.
  2. Companies that want to make investments internationally
  3. Companies that need timely delivery of products, including food, globally.
  4. Companies whose products require precise transportation and high supervision.

DPD delivery company

The company offers both domestic and international transportation systems in the following ways:

Domestic delivery:

  1. Classic service that offers the cheapest service of this company for delivery
  2. Express service: In this method, packages are sent to the destination before 10:00, 12:00, or 18:00.
  3. E-Commerce: Based on this, you can choose the type of sending to the customer.

International delivery of goods:

  1. Classic service: In this method, the product reaches its destination as quickly as possible and in one to four days throughout Europe.
  2. Air classic service: an option for sensitive products that must be delivered to the customer promptly and in a fully supervised manner.
  3. DPDExpress: This transportation network can deliver products to more than 200 countries in the world.
  4. DPD Guarantee: This type of service is for products that must reach their destination in a certain time.

DPD services

Choose the right delivery company


Each customer can receive the package at the place of their choice. The company has more than 42,000 delivery centers depending on the customer, so each house is only 15 minutes away from the first service.


This method helps the customer to know exactly when his product delivers. Based on this, the approximate delivery time sends to the customer by SMS or email.package delivery time reduces waiting time for the customer to receive.


The interesting thing about the delivery of packages by the DPD delivery company is the existence of a green slot option that allows the customer to choose the transportation with a clean Delivery system. This method helps to produce fewer greenhouse gases and thus less urban air pollution.

When to use DPD

Use DPD if you want to leave your customers free to choose from product delivery options. DPD is also a good option for lowering shipping costs and produces less environmental pollution.

GLS Delivery Company

GLS Delivery and Transportation Company have three main subsets as follows:


  1. Priority for delivery of products internally
  2. 24-hour delivery with a maximum weight of 32 kg
  3. Insurance coverage up to 500 Euros
  4. The best product tracking system


In this way, your products will arrive at their destination before 17:00 tomorrow. Holiday delivery is in this way.


  1. Sending packages internationally in Europe takes between 72 and 120 hours.
  2. Send the product with insurance coverage of 500 Euros.
  3. Trace products professionally


  1. In this way, packages send as fast as possible anywhere in the world.
  2. Product processing in this way is very fast
  3. Powerful tracking.
  4. Insurance coverage up to 500 euros

When to use GLS?

If you need high-speed shipping and if you want to have good offset Delivery options.

If you are in Europe and want to ship to other countries on the continent, the best option is to use GLS and EuroBusinessParcel, which will get your product to your destination as quickly as possible.

UPS delivery company

This delivery company also offers its services domestically and internationally, each of which will provide you with different options.

Value-added services in UPS

Valuable UPS services include collection and delivery options, delivery notifications, and special handling. But what does each mean?

collection and delivery

In this system, you can be sure that the shipment reaches the customer with the most supervision and short time

  1. Proper timing of product delivery on time
  2. delivery notifications
  3. The customer can choose the options of adult signature and approval to receive the shipment.
  4. The status of the shipment is notified to the customer with a text message anywhere in the world.
  5. Delivery confirmation is done via web and email.

special handling

You can pay for the goods at the time of delivery.

When to use UPS

If you have a product or products that need close monitoring or want to reach their destination as quickly as possible.

If you are in a European country and want to send a product to the United States or vice versa


In this article, we tried to introduce the best international delivery companies in the world so that when selling and sending your product, you can choose the best option for shipping in different ways in the world. If you have a business related to import and export, you can choose the best option through this article.

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