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How To Check Amazon Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming?

check amazon gift card balance without redeeming

Today, one of the most surprising gifts that you can get is an Amazon gift card. It certainly proves that someone minds you, but it also enables you to take anything you need as a gift while it is within a defined amount. But, how can you hold track of the balance on your gift card?

There are some steps you can use to hold tabs on balance. They are straightforward to develop, and you can make the process within a few seconds.

Terminating Your Account’s Giftcard Balance

  • Go to a web browser, like Google Chrome or Firefox, on any system you use, such as desktop computer, smartphone, or laptop. Tick on the address bar found at the head of the browser window. Copy “” in the address strip and tap the Enter button.

check amazon gift card balance without redeeming

  • Log in to your Amazon account.On the top of the website righthand front, find the words “Hello, Sign In.” Tick on this to move to the sign-in page. Sign in with your email or username and your password. If you can not enter as a member already, tick the point that states “Create your Amazon account.”

check amazon gift card balance without redeeming

Making a new Amazon account needs you to register an email address. If you do not have an email account now, you have to design one.

  • Go to “Your Account.” Signing in would take you directly to your account page, but if it does not happen, it means you have to go there. Hang your mouse across the “Accounts & Lists” key on the navigation strip. View the left column and tick on the terms “Your Account.”
  • Find the Gift Card group in the “Amazon Wallet” part.Scroll partially down the page to the next section, which is named “Amazon Wallet.” There are two lines in the Wallet part. One states Payment Methods, the other replies Gift Cards.
  • Tick on “View Gift Card Balance and Activity.” Below the heading for Gift Cards, the first choice enables you to observe the gift card balance. The terms you will tick are blue. Tap on them to move to the gift card balance page.
  • Look at your balance.When you go to View Gift Card Balance and Activity, you can see your gift card balance sheet. You will notice a box on the cover that says your gift card balance in the green line. If you hold more than one card connected to your account, this balance is the result of all.

Checking the Balance of an Unredeemed Giftcard

  • Log in to your Amazon account. Start whichever browser you desire to apply and run the page. Find the “Sign-in” switch next to the top right of the screen. As you see that, write your email address and account password, then you can log in to your Amazon account.
  • Click on “Gift Cards and Registry.” See the top of your screen for the search session. Under the search strip, you will notice words linked to a separate part of the site. Tick on the words that show “Gift Cards and Registry.” It will bring you to a screen with several choices.
  • Click on the case that shows “Redeem a gift card.” Your cover will most likely present three square images in a series. Following this, you will notice a row of six cases. The second to last box on the right front of the row states Redeem a gift card. Tap on this link.
  • Scratch off the silver slip on the back of the card.Sometimes, you own a brand new Amazon card, and there might be a silver strip crossing the claim code behind the card. Here, you can use a coin or your fingernail to uncover or scrape the slip off of the card, which shows the claim key.
  • Type in the gift card’s claim code.Go to the back of your gift card and find a great set of letters and numbers. Write the code specifically as it seems, with all capital letters and dashes.
  • Click on the box that states “Check.” After copying the claim key, you have two choices: verify the balance or use the balance to your account. If you require to use the balance to your account, then tick that button. Or click the Check key to see how much cash you have on the card.


As you know, Amazon gift cards are available these days, and people buy products from Amazon to use gift cards. Here, you can learn how to check the Amazon Gift Card balance without redeeming it.


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