Can you use paypal on amazon? (How to do it)

PayPal is an online payment platform that is most often associated with eBay, but recently this online payment system has outgrown its former owner and operates in more than 200 countries. If you are an Amazon fan and want to know does Amazon take PayPal, continue reading. Here, you can learn about all points of PayPal on Amazon.

Can you use PayPal on Amazon?

If you want to know, can you use PayPal on Amazon? I have to say yes. Technically PayPal enables you to use your account to pay for your purchase on Amazon, but that is not too easy. That is the reason that discourages many users like you from trying PayPal on Amazon. But if you have a large PayPal balance and need to spend them, do not worry because there are several methods you can try. If you do not know how to use PayPal on Amazon, I have to mention that you need to jump through some hoops to use your PayPal balance on Amazon.

Why doesn’t Amazon accept PayPal directly?

Another question is can I use PayPal on Amazon, directly? Here, the answer is no. While thousands of online retailers allow customers to use PayPal easily, there is no way to use and link your PayPal account directly to Amazon, still. 

So, if you want to use your PayPal balance to make an online shop, I suggest that before going through Amazon and choosing your buying items, check if other retailers carry the same things you want at the same price. Because while Amazon is popular to make the buying process more convenient, that is not true when you want to use PayPal.

If you wonder why using the PayPal Amazon system is not officially accepted, I have to say that the main reason is the historical association of eBay and Amazon as two great competitors. 

Also, there is another competition between PayPal and Amazon’s payment service, called Amazon Pay that encourages both companies to use their services more natively.

With all of them in mind, if you want to know how to use PayPal on Amazon, continue reading and learn about more tricky ways.

How to use PayPal on Amazon?

Previously, I answered the question of does Amazon take PayPal. Here, I have to say that there are two main ways that you can use your PayPal balance to pay your shopping prices on Amazon. The first way is to apply for PayPal’s (free) Cash card, or you can use gift cards to get around the lack of integration entirely.


can i use paypal on amazon

  • Use a PayPal Cash Card on Amazon

All PayPal users know that a useful accessory to a PayPal account is the PayPal Cash card. You can easily use this Mastercard tied to your PayPal balance as it is accepted anywhere including Amazon. It provides that it is possible to use the physical card in shops or the card number in numerous online shops.

You have to know that when you want to apply for a PayPal Cash card, it is completely free. While it doesn’t cost a penny to maintain the card or make purchases on Amazon, there are some fees when you want to withdraw money from an ATM. 

Just pay attention that it isn’t available in all countries, and when you are in one of the accepted countries, you have to follow the listed requirements.

  • There should be no special account problems to resolve.
  • A telephone number should be linked to the account.
  • A confirmed address should be connected to the account.
  • PayPal will check your birth date and social security number.

Now that you have your PayPal Cash card, you can simply use it to buy products on Amazon by entering the card number at checkout like any other debit card.


  • Use PayPal to buy Amazon gift cards

If you could not get a PayPal Cash card, you can use the next option to buy products on Amazon using your PayPal balance, which is gift cards. There are different ways like eBay, Bundle, eGifter, and more to use and buy Amazon gift cards with your PayPal account.

To be even safer, I suggest you buy a gift card for a limited amount and try it first to prevent spending your whole PayPal balance on an expired or fake gift card. After that, you can add it to your Amazon account.



If you are an Amazon lover who wants to buy something from Amazon using PayPal Amazon, read the above text. There I explained does Amazon take PayPal, and how to use PayPal on Amazon. So if you do not know how can you use PayPal on Amazon, read the above guide and learn about using PayPal on Amazon.

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