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Best products to sell on shopify

There are three major types of online sales. Demand, sales ability, and success. You probably have a good imagination, high sales power, study, and more. But finding the right products for sale is also one of the biggest challenges you face

To have a successful sale, you need to make a list of the best products you can sell on Shopify. There are many ideas to start your product line. In general, you should first define a product Niche and target the market segment.

It is essential to choose which customer from which stratum of the society, and you should keep in mind that the best goods are not the most expensive goods and we should always consider the needs of our target customers. But in the following, we will compile and introduce a list of the best products you can sell on Shopify.

What are the best products to sell on shopify?

  • Cooking training toys

Children are extensive and energetic target community that you can target. The kitchen toy market has been booming for decades and can be considered the largest child manufacturing industry. You can set up a toy store centered on these items and add new fun tools and accessories as a product. Even educational supplies such as cooking lessons and making desserts, cakes, and sweets are enjoyable games for children.

With more than 90,000 monthly searches on Google, toy kitchens have become one of the most popular products that can sell well.

In the field of selling kitchen toys, you should consider that you can use reputable sales channels. Using influencers and introducing others is one way to increase brand credibility for the industry. It can also be instrumental to review users and their views of products.

Creating a childish social network can also be a great way to introduce products. By introducing products in the form of innovative and youthful videos, they are all attracted. Even in 2021, many of the children themselves will work as toy influencers and introduce products.

  • Kitchen towel

Kitchen towels are also one of the best products you can sell on Shopify. Towards the end of 2020, the demand for such devices in the world also increased. Of course, the fever of buying kitchen towels does not seem to go away any time soon, and you can use it as an excellent option to increase your sales. Market demand for this product will reach more than $ 20.9 billion by 2026, so its fantastic market should not be overlooked.

Of course, the competition in this industry is very high. Brands like Pier, the largest and most well-known brands in this market, have a large part of it and have reached more targeted customers in this field.

In addition to kitchen towels, people are interested in those products that are handmade. Towels with unique oven technology, such as the TAD system, also sell better than regular towels.

There are several ways to market this. First is the review and advertising on social networks and will allow the target people to access your products faster, and also, because of the lower price of these products, you will find more sales on social networks. However, the competition in the discussion of Google keywords for kitchen towels is high, and the amount of capital you have to set aside for Google is broader and more than social networks.

  • Bicycle saddle

You may be surprised, but one of the best-selling products in the world in 2021 is the bicycle saddle.

Most ordinary and professional cyclists, or even people who use bicycles daily to move and have abandoned public transportation due to the pandemic, need a bicycle saddle!

During one month, Google search for bicycle saddle reached more than 22,200 results. Other keywords such as comfortable bike saddle, mountain bike saddle, road bike saddle each have about 8 to 10 thousand Google searches per month.

To market this product, you need to create a general Shopify bike shop that will quickly help cyclists worldwide. You can start your own business through cycling social communities or make professional videos about products.

  • Phone and tablet accessories

Portable Product Accessories is another best-selling product you can consider to set up a Shopify online store. In general, sales of smartphones, tablets, and mobile accessories have been increasing since 2013, so accessories are also needed.

The search volume for mobile accessories is close to 49,500 searches per ah. Also, other words such as phone accessories with 40,000 searches are in the following categories. To cover a more diverse market, you should have accessories from all brands, such as LG, Samsung, Apple, or Xiaomi.

Using Google Ads ads to increase sales has excellent results. In addition, you can sell products with higher profits to compensate for your return on investment. Another way is to use the Facebook advertising system to show your products to specific groups on this social network that use smartphones. On the other hand, video and video ads on Instagram and getting help from influencers can also be an excellent way to increase accessories sales.

  • Doormat

Like other home decor items, the Doormat is one of the best-selling products bought and sold not only in Shopify but also in the largest stores in the world. Even during a pandemic, sales of this type of product have multiplied, and because people spend most of their time at home, it is an excellent option for purchase.

According to the latest reports and statistical analysis, the demand for stylish and straightforward Doormats has increased significantly. Each can be sold in a different shape or material. For example, it can be in various dimensions, or considers for a child’s bedroom.

Many people looking to buy a Doormat for their home prefer its beauty to efficiency and allows you to have a more accurate goal and be able to attract customers who like more stylish and diverse. Even with Google Ads planning, you can focus on important keywords for these types of customers.

One of the most valuable items that have always been bought and sold is bedroom accessories. So with the proper planning, you can first organize your brand based on this type of equipment, prepare the Shopify website, and then place the desired products with specific target customers on the website. Then advertise, optimize keyword and sell. Simply!

  • Car interior

Over the past few months, auto parts on the Shopify platform have seen a sharp increase in sales. Since early 2019, the demand for in-car tools and equipment has increased dramatically, so sales have also increased. So you can focus directly on setting up a car interior store.

For car mats, the average monthly search is more than 75,000. In addition, weathertech floor mats with 135,000 visits per month and other related items show what a thriving market you are facing.

In this collection, you can have a wide selection. For example, you can provide luxury tools for people who ride luxury cars, and for sports riders, you can also create sports and fantasy accessories.

There are many ways to introduce and brand this type of product, including professional review videos, launching a car blog, sponsoring a car show or car event, or direct advertising in the industry.

  • Shelves and library

Again, due to the increase in pandemics and more people surfing in their homes, shelves and libraries have also become one of the most productive products with a high demand range. You can use these products as the best accessories for sale on Shopify.

The word bookcases in Google has more than 300 thousand visits per month, and in addition, the comments taken from bookcases have gained nearly 100 thousand visits.

Shelves is another word with a high Google search rate. Floating shelves, for example, have more than 500,000 Google hits a month, which is unique. However, at this level of demand, competition also increases.

To market and launch a Shopify store with a focus on bookshelf and library products, you can either set up blogs on the subject of interior decoration or do direct advertising on such blogs.

Of course, when launching Google ads, you should consider the words that motivate more customers to buy the product. For example, words such as solid wood bookcases can be a good description of what you are selling.

  • Household storage containers

Again, due to the increase in pandemics and people staying at home, selling home appliances has become much more critical than before. Equipment storage devices are also among the products that have become a trend in the global market, and you can invest in them. For example, every home needs a clothing holder or an organizer. These items can also be used as home decor or a beauty element.

The term storage containers has more than 135,000 hits and searches on Google in a month. The term also has a sub word called food storage containers, with more than 74,000 views on Google. The Storage bins have also received 135,000 hits on Google. Therefore, the items related to home appliances storage devices have recorded the highest number of visits during the last three months, so it can be a good option for branding and building a store.

You can categorize your store based on what kind of device you want to sell or what type or shape of holder you have. You can even advertise your website on blogs related to home decoration. There is also another way to increase traffic in the form of link building on more extensive and more reputable websites that you can also use this method.

  • Bookends

Bookends are tools used to keep books smooth and in order. People can use this tool to organize their library. If the demand for the library increases, the need for bookends will also increase, so it is one of the best products you can sell on Shopify.

In general, the word Bookends in Google alone, regardless of its prefixes and suffixes, has about 135,000 views per month. A new and excellent market for people who like to make a good profit from selling on Shopify.

It seems that the best way to increase sales and marketing of this type of product is Google Ads and optimizing Google search engine for the word Bookends and other related terms.

  • Temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are also one of the trendiest products that are in high demand in 2021. This product is a kind of image or writing that is temporarily created on the skin and does not need to burn or damage it.

The new generation is looking to change their appearance and need to show exciting tattoos on their body. Such things are widely used among celebrities and celebrities.

If you want to use temporary tattoos as the best product to sell on Shopify, you can use them on social networks that target teenagers and young people. Promoting sales posts and promotional videos about temporary tattoos is already very popular on Instagram.


Now that you are familiar with the best products for sale on Shopify, you can choose one of the categories and launch your store. Keep in mind that you have to plan for each store and put quality products on it. The best outcome is the one that can have the most profit and the slightest problem for you.

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