What is amazon otp? (Complete Guide)

You might hear about Amazon OTP but do not know what it is exactly. This One-time password (OTP) is a type of verification code. Amazon uses this way to protect you from online scams or phishing schemes. Read this text to learn more about otp amazon and how to use this feature to protect your packages.

What is amazon otp?

Before anything, you have to know what is amazon otp, which I want to explain here. As you might know, OTP Stands for One Time Purchase, as a part of Amazon’s two-step verification. They first presented it as an additional security layer. Amazon suggests you use OTP for many various reasons. For example, when you like to log into your account or buy certain products.
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Is Amazon OTP Legit?

Now that you know what amazon otp code is, you might ask about its legit. Almost all amazon otp texts are legit, but always be careful about the official Amazon address. Pay attention when you buy something with a higher value, Amazon delivers you an OTP for higher protection. They operate this extra layer of security for more valuable packages. You receive an email containing a 6-digit pin to your reported email address. 

But if you have noticed an OTP when you did not do anything on your account, be careful and try to change your password. Also, you can send an email to Amazon and ask for help from their support team.

How Does Amazon Request For amazon otp code?

Now, it is time to learn how Amazon applies for amazon otp number. Sometimes Amazon requests your upgrade verification or asks you to add a line. For example, when your shipping address does not compare to the billing address on files. They use a simple way to send you this OTP code to protect the security of your account, which you can simply get rid of. The process starts when Amazon generates a random number as an OTP and sends it to your registered phone number or email address. Then, you have to verify it is you by demonstrating the code that Amazon sent you.

Here are the steps you have to follow to get rid of the Amazon OTP code.

  1. Log into your Account and choose Login & security.
  2. Nex to the Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings, tap on Edit.
  3. Click on Disable Two-Step Verification option. Now, Amazon will send you a code.
  4. Find the code sent to your phone number or through the authenticator app.
  5. Choose Verify code.

How to setup the amazon otp code?

As you learned what is an amazon otp, you might want to know how to add an additional layer of security by enabling a One Time Password (OTP). Continue reading and follow the steps to set up the Amazon OTP code.

  • Log in to your Amazon account on Desktop, like always using your username and password. Just have your mobile phone handy for the next steps.
  • Now, find the Account menu at the top right beside the Shopping Cart.
  • Go down through your “Account” and find “Settings”. Now, choose “Login & Security Settings,” below the “Account Settings.”
  • Go down through the “Change Account Settings” page and click “Edit” next to “Advanced Security Settings.”
  • Here, you see a page informing you about what Amazon calls “Two-Step Verification”.
  • It is time to choose how to receive your authentication code. You can receive it as a Text message (SMS) or via an Authenticator app.
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If you are a fan of online shopping, you might choose Amazon as the first shop to use. Before buying anything from Amazon, you have to know what is amazon otp number. Read the above text and learn what is amazon otp mean. Also, we helped you with receiving it, or if you do not like it, disabling this option on your account.

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