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How to Buy Wholesales from AliExpress?

AliExpress as a one of the biggest online store website is a place that you can find almost “anything” it; no matter what the product is, at least one of the sellers in AliExpress has it in his/her storage.

First of all, you should know that the biggest Chinese wholesale platform is Alibaba bearing the same name as the company that owns AliExpress and Tmall, and many other online stores.

One question may some customers ask is “can they buy the goods in high quantity and get a nice discount?” In this article, we are going to consider all the different aspects of wholesaling.

How to find wholesales on AliExpress?

There is also a “Wholesale” section among the categories on AliExpress. Type “wholesale” in the search box on AliExpress to find it. This structure helps you to find the sellers who offer wholesale products, though sometimes you cannot find anyone.

How can I get wholesales discount?

Although most of the customers are personal buyers which are not going to sell the products in their countries, some customers are seeking to buy in bulk. According to this, many sellers on AliExpress have direct discounts (1% to 6% probably) for wholesaling. The discount usually appears on the product cover.

The work is easy when the sellers have labeled their products with discounts, but sometimes you want to buy something which has no direct discount. In this situation, we have started to walk in a hard pathway of negotiating with the owner.

How to start a negotiation?

There are some tricky ways in which you encourage the seller to offer you a beautiful discount. The simplest one is to make a purchase order on the product you want and click on the “Pay Now” button. The point is you have to stop purchasing before using the payment method and let the order remain in your cart.

At this moment, write to the seller and tell him/her you want to complete the order if receive a nice discount from him/her. This way the seller will see that you are close to making the purchase and is more likely to offer you a good price to close the deal and not lose the sale.

Another tricky way is that most of the AliExpress sellers are small merchants which buy their goods from larger manufacturers. This means that a specific product can be found in more than one seller’s storage. So to have an optimal outcome you can ask for several quotes in parallel.

What are the Shipping costs

If your order also includes shipping, there is no need to negotiate them too; Shipping time on AliExpress has improved a lot and with shipping methods like AliExpress Standard Shipping you can receive your order in 10 days.

Abandoned imports for your country

You should know that many countries have several limitations in the customs and you cannot import some items such as weapons, seeds, specific chemical compounds, and so on.

Of customs recognize that your import is prohibited, they will destroy it and AliExpress will not take the responsibility. So to avoid that happen, check your country’s restriction before making an order.

What are the customs costs?

If you want to escape from paying to customs, your order should not exceed 1000 euros and 31 Kg in weight. It depends on the country, but here we have three possible charges on Europe:

VAT: all orders will have to settle VAT. For orders under 150€, the only tax you will have to pay is VAT. Nowadays AliExpress includes VAT on orders under 150€.
Duties: This is only for orders over 150€ and you have to pay it with VAT. For purchases over 150€, it is important that you know the percentage of customs duties you will have to pay to know what profit margin you can get with your purchase. To calculate this, you can simply ask the seller or google it on the internet.
Customs handling fees: the amount of this charge is depending on the country

European warehouses

If your country is a member of the European Union, it is recommended to buy from European warehouses because you will get free of paying shipping and customs costs. This is also a very good option, especially considering that AliExpress offers more and more items with shipping from Europe.


Although there are few options when talking about wholesales, a nice wholesaler with a nice discount is always worth it. For example, if make an offer of 40 items that each item costs 10$ to 12$, by 4% discount you can save around 16-20$ or 2 items for free.

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