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Different Types of eBay Advanced Search


eBay owns 175 million current users, 25 million merchants, and profits of almost $10 billion. If you want to find another alternative besides Amazon, you have to try eBay at the top of your program.

After a while that you used to the site, you might want to find more efficient ways to search online. Here, I will talk about are some ways of eBay advanced search.


How to Reach eBay Advanced Search

There are different effectual ways for eBay advanced search. It empowers users with a tendency to concentrate more on what they want to search.

First, you have to know about the advanced search tool access on eBay. As you might know, it is easy; start from eBay’s homepage, log into your account, and choose the Advanced Search link on the top right-hand side.

When you reach the left-hand of the Advanced Search Page, you might find the navigating list. In the central window, there are many search tools.


  • The Way to Apply the Seller Search on eBay


There is an eBay seller search that lets you get goods from defined people or groups of people.

For instance, you can utilize the tool to add or eliminate specific people. Or search for things from dealers in your preferences list, involve people with an eBay store (rather than one-time private traders).

When you decide to use the seller search column, run the Advanced Search window and choose Items > By Seller on the left-hand board.


Make sure you check the box near Only show items from, then established the search words and parameters as your requirements dictate.


  • The Way to Manage eBay Store Search


Another choice is to use the eBay seller search to get eBay stores, as there is a more smooth way. As a portion of its Advanced Search tool, eBay holds a store search.

There are a couple of links to search on the left-hand board: Stores > Items in Stores and Stores > Find Store. You can work on both tools to get the products you want.


  • The Way to Search for an Object on eBay


Moreover, eBay’s basic search is essentially an item one that you have to copy your query and push Enter. But, the Advanced Search page is also often provided towards making an eBay item search.

If I want to explain in more detail, there are four types of filters.

Buying Formats: eBay awards two methods for people to market their products, a sale and “Buy It Now.” If you want to see results from one of the two classes, you must use the filter here.

Price: No one needs to pay a luck on overpriced tat. If there is a restricted fund, you can choose your preferred price range.

Condition: The world of eBay suggests you will get many things that are not brand new. You can refine your outcomes by New, Used, and Not Specified.

Listings: The listing filters enable you to view items whose sales are about to die, things that have a particular number of requests lately, and sale-listed items.


  • The Way to Search for a Part Number on eBay

Curiously, you can not find the eBay part number search on the main Advanced Search page. But you can tick on By Item Number on the left-hand board.


When the page loaded completely, copy the item’s source code in the text box under entering the item number. Tap on Search to get the results.


  • The Way to Find a User on eBay


The eBay user search allows you to discover users, and they might not be among sellers. What you need is the person’s email address or user ID.

Curiously, you can not find the member search characteristic when you tick on the Advanced Search link on the homepage. There is a  link, and when you click on it, you can see two new hidden links that should seem on the left-hand board: Find a Member and Find Contact Information.

Apply to Find a Member if you need to register a person’s contact details. If you desire to ask for a person’s contact information from eBay following a new event, choose to Find Contact Information.



As a user of eBay, it is good to know that there are different options to search extra on it. Here, I talk about some of these advanced options that will help you in different situations.





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